Poll: More than 78% of Ukrainians are unhappy with Poroshenko’s work.

Extremely low indicators of the level of confidence of citizens of Ukraine to state institutions, recorded by sociologists, indicate a threat of a state-political crisis in the country, which may result in the loss of the state itself
Mistrust is not just a mood, it is, if you want, a reboot of motivation, in other words – remotivation. When this occurs in small groups, it is usually a source of conflict. And when this happens in the society as a whole, and quite sharply, as now in Ukraine, it can lead to new shocks. The society begins a spontaneous search for new authorities, those who can be trusted, who can be trusted with their lives, their hopes, their possible future.

According to a survey conducted in Kiev, it turned out that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians are extremely critical of the development of the situation in the country. The overwhelming majority of respondents (70.8%) believe that the government is leading the country in the wrong direction. Three quarters (78.8%) of respondents to some extent disapprove of the work of President Petro Poroshenko. The government has no better indicators (81.1% disapprove of its work) and the parliament (87.5% disapprove).
Also, according to given sociologists, only 1.7% of the poll participants fully approve the activities of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Another 14.2% – rather approve, 28.6% – rather disapprove. The overwhelming majority – 50.2%, the survey participants – the work of the head of state does not approve at all, another 5.3% could not choose any of the listed options.

As for the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, only 0.6% of respondents fully approved it, rather approve it – 7.2%, rather do not approve -27.6%, do not approve – 59.9%. Another 4.7% could not assess the work of the parliament.
No better attitude to the government. Positively, his work was estimated only by 1.1% of respondents, 11.4% of the respondents approved the activity of the Cabinet more likely, 28% – rather do not approve, 53.1% – do not approve, 6.4% – undecided.

The survey was conducted from 9 to 16 March 2018 among more than 2 thousand residents of Kiev. The sampling error does not exceed 2.2%.
Sociologists record a landslide negative attitude of people towards state institutions of power – to the president, parliament, government.
At the same time, the fact that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens have ceased to trust the state authorities means that people do not recognize them, do not provide social legitimacy, and, probably, are not ready to comply with their decisions.
This is a real threat to the state-political crisis, and under current conditions such a crisis can lead not only to new conflicts, but to the loss of the state itself.
The government is struggling to save on its citizens, stopping dissatisfied mouths with a penny-sized handout of social benefits. But they are also trying to select her, believing that the people, broken by constant humiliation, endure everything.

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