In East Guta, the most select enemies were gathered

Syria has turned into a field of psychological warfare – and, perhaps, the most sophisticated in world history. The fighting does not stop, and they do not want to stop them. To prevent the final defeat of jihadist terrorist groups, so-called “enlightened” and “civilized” people of the West were mobilized, who would not have lived for five minutes next to them.
Now the site for their psychological operations is East Guta near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Their main theme is “civilians”.
In fact, this is the outskirts of Damascus, its remote outskirts. A kind of “capital” of Eastern Guta is a settlement – the Duma. The pre-war Duma had a bad reputation, was a district of brothels and was famous for its crimely dangerous quarter.
The congregation of armed organizations defiles the populated point of the Duma and East Guta, recently the five largest of them united under one general command.
Who are these militants, whom the West presents as “moderate”?
Salafi “Jays al-Islam”, supported by the Saudis. During the massacre in Adra in 2013, they decapitated, burned alive people, kept in the cells of the abducted.
“Hayat Tahrir ash Sham,” also known as “an-Nusra”, that is, the Syrian Al-Qaeda. The group, one of the militants of which in December 2016, used as suicide bombers two girls seven and nine years old. Members of this group repeatedly made explosions in the center of Damascus.
“Corps of Rahman”, supported by Qatar. America considered them “moderate” and awarded ATGM “TOW”.
And, finally, the famous Salafi jihadist group Ahrar ash Sham, created by El Suri, a representative of Al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri (Zevahiri). They all adhere to the Takfir ideology.
But the West has no business before that. Their media do not cover the war, but are part of the war. Western reporters, spreading news about places where they have never been, take them from media related to Al-Qaeda. Such epithets as “more moderate” or “less extremist” are being invented.
Let’s return to East Gut. Before the war, 400,000 inhabitants lived there. Now it’s good if there are 250,000 left. The number of residents is a matter of principle. For the West insists that Damascus, by squeezing jihadist killers from its suburbs, commits a humanitarian crime.
Therefore, the West claims that 367,000 people remained in East Gut, because, insisting on this figure, the West increases the burden of moral accusation against the army of Bashar Assad, who is trying to destroy the enemy that has been shooting Damascus every day for the sixth year already. Every day!
Neighboring territories, from where they shelled Damascus and made there raids, were repulsed by jihadists.Now the Syrian Arab Republic has decided to release East Gutu. Intensive bombardment was undertaken by artillery and aircraft. It was necessary to destroy the jihadists and at the same time minimize the number of civilian casualties. As the wave of resistance wins, in the West, the end of this war does not want. In addition to the Eastern Guta, they will find a new lie about chemical weapons, but it will also not pass.

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