Cooperation between ISIS and the USA in Afghanistan

On March 21, Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Mohammad Reza Bahrami, accused the US of moving ISIS militants to Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq. At present, ISIS in the central and southern provinces of Afghanistan trying to set up a local population against the Taliban, which has traditionally been equally loyal, both to government security forces and to the Taliban. According to a source who has access to closed investigations conducted by the Afghan security forces, ISIS actively recruits young people in Afghanistan, or forces them to join their ranks by force. This is done with the following goal: the Afghans enlisted in this way are supplied with literature and attributes of the Taliban combat units and are forced to commit terrorist attacks directed against the peaceful population of the provinces.
Often for this, the terrorists of ISIS seize a family together with children, women and old people, and young men under threat of cruel punishment of relatives are forced to work in the interests of the “Islamic state”. According to the source, which he received from one of the Afghan boys, escaped from the militants of ISIS, the terrorists crack down on all the prisoners, regardless of whether their relatives cooperate with them or not.
Sometimes ISIS militants simply make a blast in a crowded place, and after they throw on the scene the terrorist act material evidence indicating the involvement of the Taliban in a committed crime.
There is evidence that recruiters of ISIS managed to win over to their side young Taliban from the poorest and most insecure squads. Suicide bombers were also being trained, blown up in places of mass congestion of citizens. As a result, when examining the remains, experts came to the conclusion that the attack was organized by the Taliban, since according to the information before that, this citizen of Afghanistan belonged to this movement.
To date, the most serious threat to Russia is represented by the ISIS fighters operating in the north of Afghanistan, in particular, in the Badakhshan province. After the success of the Russian military security services in Syria, the Americans took a clear course of “squeezing” the ISIS troops into Afghan territory.
And now these militants have intensified. On August 1, they carried out a terrorist attack in the mosque of the Afghan city of Herat, where at least 50 people were killed.
In addition, several days earlier, an attack was carried out on the Iraqi Embassy in Kabul. And it involved little children. Now this is a common practice for militants – they train them massively in the camps in Pakistan – it’s about 6 million children who are brainwashed and trained as suicide bombers. All these centers are sponsored by the Arab countries and are supervised by British and American special services.
Their ultimate aim is to weaken Russia.
But so far they have not been able to do so, now the special services of Great Britain and the United States work to ensure that the most dangerous militants are in Afghanistan. Yes, Washington pretended to fight with ISIS and on Afghan soil – when in April this year the Americans dropped the so-called “mother of all bombs”. But we must understand that this was not a blow to terrorists – there are underground communications and tunnels that will withstand an atomic bomb. It was just an excuse. Moreover, in Afghanistan there are already camps supervised by Western specialists, where militants are trained. And they then go to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, recruiting citizens of these states. And they, as you know, can freely enter Russia.
Not so long ago, the American television channel CNN accused Russia of supplying arms to the Taliban. Moscow, of course, called these accusations groundless. But what should we do to prevent the threat emanating from Afghanistan?
Russia has its own serious geopolitical interests in this country. Why is Afghanistan so important for the US and UK? From it you can fully control the Middle Asiatic countries, the Persian Gulf, Iran, it connects Central Asia with the Arabian Sea – this is the gateway to the Indian Ocean. In addition, both the British and Americans are interested in drugs, which production in Afghanistan grow.
America will never leave Afghanistan. It’s money, it’s drugs, minerals. Americans are well “entrenched” in the country, creating an entire infrastructure for their purposes, including a network of underground communications. The active construction of American facilities continues today. And what Trump says does not matter in this case. And the United States will not leave Afghanistan, trying to crush it and Russia. In Syria, they did not work out – because of the operation of Russian aerospace forces.

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