Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman is full of optimism. On his Facebook page, he rejoices at how Ukraine can save gas: «How much Ukraine consumed gas (population, heat and energy, budget institutions): 2014 – 24 billion cubic meters; 2017 – 18 billion cubic meters. In three years, we reduced gas consumption by 6 billion cubic meters. The forecast for 2022 is 13 billion cubic meters. Ukraine can reduce consumption by another 5 billion cubic meters».
It seems that Kiev should forget about cheap Russian gas: after the start of “Nord Stream-2”, Ukraine will finally say goodbye with $ 2 billion a year that it receives today from gas transit. And then, really, it remains only to save and bolt. Wherever it is possible.
It should be recalled that before the coup, when all citizens of Ukraine lived in their homes and did not think about fleeing to other countries, and the enterprises, although not always successfully, but worked, the country consumed in 2013 50 billion cubic meters of gas, twice as much, than in a year. In the prosperous time for Ukraine, it consumed up to 70 billion cubic meters of gas.
The fact that Ukraine has reduced gas consumption in recent years – is not at all a merit of economy. The population of the country sharply decreased – the Crimea “left” with densely populated Donbass, millions of Ukrainians went to work, taking with them families, the industry is slowly dying. This year, many Ukrainian universities announced unscheduled holidays only in order to save on heating, rising in price from year to year.
Since Groisman promises further great gas savings, it means that the process of reducing the population and the death of industry will continue, and a winter vacation of three cold months will become a common rule. But Groysman can not just just cancel the winter.
However, the prime minister assures Ukrainians that gas consumption will decrease due to the fact that the windows will be replaced and the walls of houses will be warmed, the gas boilers will be changed for more economical (at whose expense?), And in some places even install solar batteries and renewable energy sources .
However, in addition to Groisman, many Ukrainian experts believe that Ukraine will actually reduce gas consumption by 2022, but for other reasons.
In their view, Ukraine can “rapidly reduce gas consumption by cutting consumers only. No development of renewable energy, no energy efficiency measures promised by the government will help. Speaking about solar panels we must say that is terribly expensive. All measures to increase energy efficiency – a fairly costly story, on which the state should allocate a lot of money.
Let’s note that, frankly speaking, at such a gas price for the population, citizens themselves will start to cut off from gas supply of their homes. Groisman’s promise of a sharp decrease in gas consumption in Ukraine by 2022 is nonsense.
The desire to cash in on the troubles of people meets opposition. People are looking for a way out. But it’s unclear why Poroshenko spent $ 500,000 for holidays in Maldives under the patriotic initiative to screw up a little gas, instead of allocating funds for heating nearby kindergartens.
Meanwhile, the process of disconnecting the population from gas is already under way, not everywhere, albeit voluntarily. So, in Poltava there was an accident on the gas pipeline, as a result of which three thousand inhabitants of the city remained without gas. And in the city of Smila of the Cherkassy region, the debts for gas consumption left 60 houses, three kindergartens, a school and a hospital without heating.
So Pan Groisman can calculate how much gas was saved only on these two settlements.

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