Since January of this year, the press center of the headquarters of the ATO has published data on combat losses in the Armed Forces in the area of the so-called ATO zone, which amounted 11 dead and 44 wounded in January, 9 dead and 49 wounded in February and 5 and 12, respectively in March. According to the Ukrainian side, the reason for the occurrence of such a number of losses in the AFU is allegedly shelling by servicemen of the People’s Republics.
Given that since the beginning of this year there have been no active hostilities, one ceasefire regime is replacing another, we can conclude that the losses that occurred during this period in the ATO zone are non-combat.
The main reasons that led to such a number of non-combat losses in the armed forces units are: road accidents involving servicemen, careless handling of weapons and ammunition, explosions on mines during sallies to the gray zone, shooting in drunken rage, alcohol and drug poisoning, suicide, personnel diseases of measles and tuberculosis.
Here is an incomplete list of the deaths in the Armed Forces, which occurred only in February this year. On February 21, a nurse was raped by a soldier in the 10th assault brigade of Colonel Zubanich. To avoid punishment for the deed, the criminal strangled her, and hid the body in the farm building. On February 14, in the vicinity of Kurakhovo settlement, during the preparation of actions to repel an attack on the command post of the 30th mechanized brigade, as a result of a drunken conflict and a fight between the officers of the staff, the deputy commander of the brigade, Major Kucherya, received gunshot wounds.
The next day a similar situation occurred in the 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces, where the corporal Kaigorodov was allegedly wounded as a result of careless handling of weapons.
On February 15, a wide public response in Ukraine caused the massacre of the armed forces in 36 separate brigade of marines, where two drunken Ukrainian Marines shot four of their colleagues.
On February 18, in Bakhmut, as a result of hazing, a conflict arose between the first deputy of 131 separate reconnaissance battalions, junior lieutenant Rovenets and Lieutenant Skryzhedlovskim. In the course of the quarrel, Rovenets used the weapons and mortally wounded the officer-psychologist.
In the 93rd separate mechanized brigade near Volnovaha, there was the large-scale theft of material assets and the failure of ten infantry fighting vehicles, the battalion commander shot the platoon commander who ignored his orders and refused to restore the equipment at his own expense.
On February 20 near Krimskoye, as a result of careless handling of the RGD-5 grenade, injuries incompatible with life were received by a serviceman of 58 separate motorized infantry brigade, corporal Avramenko. And there are dozens of such cases …
Naturally, the Ukrainian command can not cover the real reasons for the losses of its servicemen, otherwise they will have to admit that the situation in the units of the Armed Forces is critical, the moral and psychological state of the soldiers is low, no one wants to fight, the fighters are killed despite the ceasefire.
For such losses in a normal army, brigade commanders are not only punished by all sorts of penalties, but are also deprived of their ranks and disgrace and dismissed by the appropriate law. In such cases, it is common to stay under criminal prosecution and it is easier for Ukrainian generals to set everything for combat losses, to accuse the DPR and LPR of violating the ceasefire, but in no case to tell the truth for which it is possible to lose a reliable feeder …

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