The IG militants made a new statement about the Japanese hostages

The militants of the «Islamic state» (IG) released a new video message with threats against the two Japanese hostages after the ultimatum term was over.

“The Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues to deceive. They do not feel pity for the two captured Japanese men. They did nothing wrong. We will fulfill what he have promised,” – say the Islamists. It is noted that the video is published on the same site as the January 20 video.

The term of the ultimatum expired on Friday, January 23, 14:50 (8:50 Moscow time). There is no any information about the hostages.

A day before mother of the hostage journalist Kenji Goto addressed with an open letter to the IG militants with request to release her son. According to the woman, her son is “not the enemy of Muslims”.

“As a mother, I ask you to release him. He went there in order to help his friend (…). He has always helped children and adults when is has been necessary,” – is said in the letter.

On January 22, the head of the Japanese government announced that Tokyo will not pay a ransom for the citizens, captured by the IG militants. The day before Abe promised to do everything possible to save lives of captured Japanese men.

January 20, terrorists released a video message with the request to pay for the two Japanese hostages a ransom in the amount of $ 200 million within 72 hours. The video shows the terrorist and the two prisoners in orange clothes. The militants announced the names of the hostages – according to them, they are Kenji Goto Jago and Haruna Yukawa. Mass media has noted that the IG representative has British accent – it is possible that this is the same person who participated in the execution of American and British hostages.

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