The Ukrainian media talk about another “victory”: the alleged NATO bloc has recognized Ukraine as a “country-aspirant “. What is the “country-aspirant”, no one can understand, but the word is beautiful, and most im-portant in this news is that alliance has given the Ukrainian some kind of so-norous status. This allows us to think that Ukraine is already in NATO. Near-ly. After 13 years of walking around the bush …
The leaders of the Verkhovna Rada, Andrey Parubiy and Irina Gerash-chenko, rejoiced over this event earlier than others. The speaker immediately pulled the blanket to himself – he said that the “key impetus” for the alliance was his, Parubiy’s, initiative to take the decision in the parliament in June 8, 2017 “regarding membership in NATO as Ukraine’s strategic goal.” The alli-ance thought even less than a year, and now “Ukraine has been granted the sta-tus of “country-aspirant” for joining NATO.” Parubiy is very proud and now cries: “Circle me!”
But Irina Gerashchenko did not forget to praise Pyotr Poroshenko: “the president, his team and NATO hawks are working. Girls, I congratulate you on the fantastic news: NATO recognized Ukraine as a “country-aspirant “.
Peter himself expressed much more restraint, on his Facebook page he greeted “an important long-awaited and logical decision of NATO to raise the level of Ukraine’s ambitions towards the alliance.” From this tricky phrase one can understand only that Kiev has ambitions to join the alliance and NATO supports them. However, about the “decision” Poroshenko added on his own, as there was not any decision on Ukraine in the North Atlantic alliance. “The next step is getting a MAP! We confidently move forward! “- the president proclaimed, and the citizens of Ukraine remembered that they had already heard about the MAP (NATO Membership Action Plan) many years ago. Ei-ther at the time of President Yushchenko, or even earlier.
After the Ukrainian public was glad for Parubiy and Gerashchenko and was imbued with the florid speech of Poroshenko’s, the most up-to-date decid-ed to look at the NATO website.
And it says the following: “NATO doors remain open to any European country that is able to assume membership obligations and contribute to the security of the Euro-Atlantic region. Since 1949, the number of NATO mem-bers has increased from 12 to 29 countries in seven rounds of expansion. At the moment, the four partner countries have indicated their aspirations to join NATO: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Ukraine. ”
The NATO website simply recorded the desire of the Ukrainian authori-ties to obtain membership in the alliance. That’s not news.
Further, NATO publishes a package of requirements for “aspirants”:
– in-depth dialogue with the alliance with simultaneous implementation of reforms;
– MAP (here NATO separately notes that this is not a guarantee of gain-ing membership, but a key mechanism for preparing it);
– a demonstration by countries that have a desire that they “in a position to promote the principles of the Washington Treaty of 1949 and contribute to security in the Euro-Atlantic area”;
– compliance with “certain political, economic and military criteria, which are set out in the provision on the expansion of NATO from 1995”.
NATO’s confirmation of Ukraine’s aspirations to the alliance is not even an “in-depth dialogue” that NATO is already conducting with the Ukrainian state of the year since 2005. In 2008, they spoke about the MAP, but France and Germany protested against it. It turns out that 13 years of Ukraine’s going round by circles around NATO did not bring the country closer to membership in the alliance, not a single step.
To join NATO, all the countries of the alliance need support, and with-out resolving the conflict in the east of Ukraine this is impossible. That is, first the settlement and only then – the decision on joining. On the contrary, only if NATO decides to start a war with Russia.
That is, evenly nothing happened. Thirteen years after the beginning of the “in-depth dialogue”, the NATO website published a note that Ukraine con-tinues to have the desire to become a member of the alliance.
“Country-aspirant ” – this is a homegrown Ukrainian interpretation, de-signed to at least somehow cheer the people who have fallen from the in Ukraine. In a translation from English to a colloquial site, NATO called Ukraine ” desirous country”.

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