Terrible truth can not be hidden: the main military prosecutor of Ukraine A. Matios told that among the military is an epidemic of suicides. 2-3 people a week, and even more commit suicide. Non-combat losses of the Armed Forces of Ukrine (AFU) are already evaluated by thousands. According to Matios, at present there are about 10,000 sanitary and non-combat losses in the Armed Forces.
Oleg Druz, the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, even last fall made a shocking statement that 98% of the military that had passed through the ATO “need qualified support and assistance due to the ac-tion of combat stress factors,” and 93% of them are dangerous for society, for which he paid with his post.
The main causes of non-combat losses, according to official figures, are accidents, drunkenness, careless handling of weapons, etc. …
By the way, the Ministry of Defense confirms this sad statistics. More than 10,000 victims, of which 3,000 are dead, the rest are wounded. In fact, these are three full-fledged brigades.
In the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine they raise their hands: it is impos-sible to achieve a reduction in the number of suicides in the army. According to the Ukrainian military department, in January 2018 exactly half (11 out of 22) non-combat losses of the AFU are suicides. It is not about those who serve, but about suicides among the demobilized.
Olga Bogomolets, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health, said that about 600 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had completed their military training in four years. In the summer of 2017, Minis-ter of the Interior Arsen Avakov told about 500 suicides.
On the line of demarcation in the Donbass region, where the ATO fighter of the AFU are situated there is disorganization, drunkenness, drug addiction, constant clarification of relations with the help of weapons. If we add to this the hostile attitude of local residents, who perceive the AFU as an army of in-vaders, the futility of conducting military operations and the doubt about the righteousness of this war leave an imprint on any psyche.
However, this problem did not arise in Ukraine yesterday – in 2015 the question arose about the psychological rehabilitation of those who shelled ci-vilians in Donetsk and Lugansk. In 2016 appeared even the post on the reha-bilitation of ATO participants appeared, and along with the post and social adaptation projects for the military such as “You will be wanted at home”. However, there is no state rehabilitation program, and dozens of people are covered by Canadian, British and other foreign projects of psychological assis-tance to ATO fighters, while 98% of ATO participants need to be «revived». The Donbas syndrome, the killing of compatriots, including civilians, is such a baggage behind most Ukrainian servicemen who passed through the ATO. In addition, the country is sorely lacking military psychologists, and the ordinary can not cope with the consequences of the fratricidal war.
Kiev does not want to spend money on foreign specialists and on train-ing its doctors. Therefore, there are practically no military psychologists in Ukraine. And money too. In 2018, about $ 8 per person is already provided for the rehabilitation of demobilized servicemen. This means that new and new suicides will happen in their civil life. The same will be in the army, where the Ministry of Defense hides data on non-combat losses behind the screen of state secrets.
Apparently, the Kiev regime teases itself with the slogan “Heroes do not die!”.

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