At the end of last year, in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the construction of a centralized nuclear fuel storage facility began. The first containers with a deadly cargo will be delivered to the burial ground at the beginning of 2019. The Kyiv authorities dubbed this news as “the greatest event in the history of Ukraine”.
However, Ukrainians will not have much time to rejoice. According to the vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko, the such construction is “a catastrophe for Ukraine.” The fact is that the maximum lifetime of containers for nuclear waste is 100 years. But this absolutely does not exclude the possibility of all sorts of accidents, like the Chernobyl disaster. “The location of nuclear burial sites near the cities is just a tragedy for the entire Ukrainian people,” Peshko said.
It is noteworthy that the contract for the construction of the storage is implemented by the American company Holtec. The loan for building the burial ground was also given by the Americans. More precisely, they are given out in parts. The total cost is $ 1.5 billion. Meanwhile, the Americans issued a loan for the construction of the first stage – $ 250 million. Ukraine will pay out the full in 20 years. This means that depending on the interest rate, which for some reason was shy in the Ministry of Finance, Ukraine will pay 1.5 or even 2 loan amounts.
However, the US benefits not only in the interest on the loan. Ukraine will pay the US for the training of personnel of units that will deal with the protection of cargo during their transportation from the nuclear power plant to the storage facility. But that’s not all. The US so willingly gave Ukraine a 20-year loan, because it will store not only Ukrainian, but also American nuclear waste. According to Anatoly Peshko, “The United States is deeply indifferent to the future of our people and our country. They forbade the construction of places for storing nuclear waste, but they planned to transfer it to us. Not only in Ukraine, but also at a distance of thirty kilometers from Kiev. ”
The main threat of the burial ground is that it will store the main dangerous radionuclides – cesium, strontium, plutonium and uranium. Especially dangerous is the storage of plutonium – it is very “creeping” and can easily penetrate the environment. Special risks will be when unloading spent fuel from cars and during the period when it will be stored outdoors.
Director of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center Vladimir Boreyko, speaking at a conference on assessing the risks of the construction, identified the key threats: “While building the storage for radioactive fuel near the capital, the opinion of people, the local community and the opinion of Belarus was not taken into account. Nuclear fuel will be transported through Kiev, and this happens in the country where everything is overturned, collides, explodes and disorder. ”
In response to the criticism of the ecologist, the general director of Energoatom, Yuri Nedashkovsky (the person most interested in the construction of the burial ground) accused him of being a state agent, called him “an agent of Putin” and urged the security forces to deal with the expert immediately.
And this is not surprising. After all, a considerable number of Ukrainian officials will receive their benefits from the cemetery. The first stage of the facility will be commissioned next year, but the construction of the storage will take about 20 years to complete. So, for the Kiev authorities, it will become the next “eternal building”, which can be used for personal enrichment. They will not repay the loan anyway. Well, if a catastrophe happens, you can always escape to Europe.

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