Over the past four years, the Kiev authorities have promised a lot of things to the people. Ukrainians will live “not worse, but even better, than in Europe.” Their country will be “agrarian superpower.” And the “strongest army of Europe” will win in the Donbass region and reach Moscow. Only now none of the prophecies ever came true. And the Ukrainian people have long been accustomed to not rely on anything and just wait. True, even the most optimistic have already realized that waiting in Ukraine is a hopeless business. Every day is not better, but only worse.
Speak, for example, about inflation. It is growing, and for January 2018 alone it exceeded the indicators of 2017 and amounted to 1.5% on an annual basis. This news was voiced by the general director of the Ukrainian Association of Trade Network Suppliers Alexei Doroshenko. In addition, according to the data for the beginning of the year, one can already predict that the inflation rate this year will be higher than in the past. And during the year the situation will only worsen. And to facilitate this will be the preparation for the presidential elections in Ukraine.
In comparison with January of the last year, bread has risen in price by 20%, milk – by 21%, meat – by 29% and fruit by – 39%. As a result, the minimum wage that the government made and the indexation of pensions that it carried out were completely “eaten up”. “The percentages of consumer prices indicate that people after all the increases began to live poorer than a year ago,” Ukrainian economic expert Vsevolod Stepanyuk said in a recent interview. According to the expert, in any Ukrainian product, stays the dollar component , and the appreciation of the dollar in December played a direct role in the rise in price of goods for the new year in January.
An association agreement with the EU also makes its contribution, which does not welcome the purchase of meat and milk from the population. The introduction of this part of the agreement with the EU will lead this year to an even greater rise in price of products. After all, most of the proposal from the private sector will simply be rejected. And this means that farming in Ukraine is not waiting for the best times …
As already mentioned above, preparing the country for the upcoming elections will also deal a devastating blow to prices. “Separate oligarchs and political forces need money. With the contraction of the market, the price always grows, because the business should still receive its profit, regardless of the number of customers, “Stepaniuc said. In addition, according to the expert, the expected increase in energy prices will lead to an increase in tariffs for utilities, which will negatively affect pricing for other goods, and, consequently, the cost of living.
In general, none of the promises about the rich life that the supporters of European integration “fed” the people, were not fulfilled. But the government of the victorious Maidan purposefully destroyed the system of social protection of citizens. Payments to single mothers were reduced, free meals in schools were abolished, social benefits of liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, veterans and invalids were lost. Part of the benefits lost orphans, as well as children and youth from low-income families and other socially vulnerable categories, benefits for higher education were also reduced. Questions to power have accumulated in almost all categories of the population of Ukraine.
And in this situation, the patience of Ukrainians is surprising. Four years government “tighten the nuts”, but the Ukranians all suffer and suffer. However, any patience comes to an end sooner or later. The people, driven to despair, turn into a powder keg. And the question is only – when it will explode?.

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