The revolution in Ukraine and the Crimean events that followed it and the war in the Donbass region have been actively discussed for four years in the Azerbaijani information sphere. As expected, in this issue, the Azerbaijani media took a pro-Ukrainian stance, condemning the Russian government.
At the same time, official media behave more or less cautiously, which can not be said about the so-called “independent” and opposition media.
It is quite natural that the Azerbaijani media consider Ukrainian events exclusively through the prism of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, trying to draw all possible parallels, which, in the final analysis, deprived the information space of the Transcaucasian republic of any objectivity.
Almost immediately after the Crimea’s accession to Russia, the Media Forum website published a material in which Azeri MP Faraj Guliyev said that if Baku adheres to the positions of the observer, Ukraine in future will also be able to remain an observer in the Karabakh issue. And in an interview with the Yeni Musavat newspaper, MP Rasim Musabekov noted that “indulgence of Russia, including in the Karabakh issue, led to such a situation,” referring to the events in and around Ukraine.
In other words, according to the Azerbaijani media, any event related to Ukraine, the Crimea and the Donbass region should somehow affect the future of Nagorno-Karabakh region. That sounds not only silly, but even selfish. In fact, Azerbaijanis are concerned not so much with Ukraine with its problems, but how the Ukrainian events will affect Azerbaijan. Some political scientists, for example Natig Nuri, even claimed on the pages of various publications that “the conflict in the Donbass region created a favorable situation for the actions of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh direction.” Political scientist Vafa Guluzade in an interview with the portal expressed confidence that “as a result of confrontation with the West over Ukraine, Russia will disintegrate, and then the Karabakh issue will find its solution” …
However, not only the desire to draw parallels with Nagorno-Karabakh forced the Azerbaijani media to write about Ukraine. The fact is that at the time of Maidan, more than 70,000 Azerbaijanis legally lived in Ukraine. The reason for their migration was Karabakh, and also the craving for trade – for more than twenty years people from the Transcaucasian republic have been controlling the market of sales of agricultural products and household chemical goods in Ukraine. By coincidence, the largest number of Azerbaijanis before Maydan lived exactly in the Donbass region and in Crimea. After 2014, almost all of them left the peninsula and the ATO zone for Ukraine.
According to the official version of the Azerbaijani media, they left because “they did not want to live in Russia.” Moreover, they allegedly had to face enormous pressure from the “invaders”. In reality, everything was less prosaic. Almost all Azerbaijanis were engaged in trade and moved to where this trade was more profitable for them. Hardly any of them motivated their move by political principles. In support of this theory is the fact that Azerbaijani men preferred Ukrainian military registration and enlistment offices trays with vegetables. None of them went to fight in ATO. From the need to serve they banally bought off. So the topic “Azerbaijani Ukrainians against Russian aggressors” ended in Azerbaijani media as quickly as it began.

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