The US policy in the South Caucasus, in the direction of the Russian ally Armenia, is aimed at changing the foreign policy vector of the country. Americans for centuries founded the geopolitical school of politics not only on military, but also on soft power. The Americans are represented in Armenia in a complex that includes a whole network of analytical, information agencies, so-called independent experts, public organizations. In recent years, Washington has significantly increased its influence on the Armenian press, claiming independence.
Such a high interest of the US to Armenia is conditioned not only by the geographical location, but also by the friendly relations of Armenia with Russia. That is why the US is trying to influence the development of the region so that its foreign and domestic policies are combined with their interests.
Today, the main informational mouthpiece of the pro-Western intelligentsia of Armenia is the Armenian socio-political and information-analytical site “Lragir”, which is directly funded by the Open Society Foundation of George Soros. In this direction, the Armenian service of “Radio Liberty”, several dozens of information sites in Armenian and Russian languages are also operating in the republic. The methods of work of all the above mentioned media are reduced to an active “brainwashing”, first of all, of Armenian youth.
Daily in the above-mentioned “publicity mouthpieces” analytical articles and other materials are published that tell about the latest trends in global politics and the role of the US, NATO and the Western world as a whole. And also the arguments about the need to promote Western civilization in third-world countries like Armenia.
A special emphasis in these media is to discredit Russia’s policy in the South Caucasus region. Russia, as a rule, is represented in the image of an “aggressor with imperial ambitions”.
At the same time, the main emphasis is on the fact that the current Armenian political system must say goodbye to the humiliating status of the “Russian-subject”. In this connection, Yerevan needs to pursue a consistent diversification of its foreign and defense policies in order to develop an alternative program for the development of the state as a result. Such nonsense in the vastness of the Armenian Internet, if you look, is enough. It is not surprising that in the Ukrainian issue, pro-Western Armenian media occupy only pro-Kiev position. And painfully hyperbolized – exposing Russia as an aggressor and occupier, and “new Europeans” fighters for freedom and independence.
The events in the Donbass are presented there not as a civil and fratricidal war, but exclusively as a Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict, the culprit of which, naturally, is Russia.
It is easy to guess where all these media comes from. Washington has been trying to quarrel between Yerevan and Moscow for many years. Although this task is not so simple. Despite some difficulties, the relations between Russia and Armenia have been developing successfully for many decades. And the common in these countries and peoples is much more than they think in the West.
However, the policy of multi-vector policy, elected by the current leadership of Armenia, has created many loopholes for the United States. Armenia is trying to be friends with Russia, Iran, establishing relations with NATO and the EU. In return, it gets discontent from all sides, because it can not choose any side completely. This is what the Western institutions use, very subtly trying to promote their interests at the expense of Armenia.

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