This summer, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine (MIP) – the main mouthpiece of Kiev propaganda will celebrate its four-year anniversary. This institution, in its methods of work, differs little from the infamous Ministry of Propaganda of Hitler Germany, all these years live under the behests of Joseph Goebbels, who once said that “a lie said a hundred times becomes true.” However, the streams of propagandistic delirium generated in the depths of the MIP by their absurdity, have overtaken the fascist information machine.
The decision to create the MIP was adopted in 2014 – immediately after the victory of Petro Poroshenko in the presidential elections. The role of the Ukrainian Goebbels was appointed Yuri Stets – a friend, a cousin and generally the closest to Poroshenko man. At the same time, the main goal of the ministry was “fighting against Russian propaganda.” MIP had to become one of the front-line staffs in the ideological war against Russia and the Russian world.
However, the idea of creating a ministry of lies was not born in Ukraine. MIP is an exclusively American project. It was developed by the US State Department in the framework of the NATO mission “to create a strategy for disseminating news and information in Russian and countries with a significant Russian-speaking population.” Thus, the Americans decided to fight the Russians on the information front with the hands of Ukrainians. After having thoroughly worked out the theoretical part, MIP already in the form of a ready-made idea was made in Ukraine.
In general, the activity of the American offspring with the Ukrainian filling consists of three components. First and foremost, we talk about a qualitatively new washing of the brains of fellow citizens, so that they wholeheartedly root for the “ideals of the Maidan”. The second – is creating a quality information product for the deep processing of consciousness of the inhabitants of Russia, the DPR and LPR. The third component is the solution of the issue of product delivery to the heads of potential consumers.
Unlike the “speaking helmet” of Tymchuk, the riveting fake with disgusting unprofessionalism, which even a three-year-old child will not believe, the workers of the MIP try to produce a higher-quality content (which does not negate its deceptive nature). It is understandable – they work under the careful supervision of NATO mastodons of information warfare.
After the release of the “Regulations on MIP”, not only all Ukrainian media, but also the organization of “festivals, exhibitions, etc.” came under the control of the Ministry. But the main NATO interest, of course, is in the other. The main thing is the preparation of obedient meat for NATO. In a literal sense. After all, the provision specifies that the MIP “ensures the fulfillment of tasks on mobilization preparation and mobilization readiness of the state”. And more precisely – is engaged in brainwashing in a “patriotic” way.
In addition, MIP is ordered to carry out “broadcasting to a foreign audience and dissemination of information about Ukraine in the world”. Stets and his team struggle to prove that in reality there are no Nazis and Banderites in Ukraine. And if there is, then they are kind and fluffy guys. In other words, you have to lie a hundred times, so that on the one hundred and first someone would believe.
Also, the Ministry of Lying is actively engaged in the process of the consciousness of the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR. NATO’s puppets have already done a similar job with the worldview of Ukrainian citizens. And now the majority of Ukrainians are sure that the regular army of Russia has attacked the country. And then the degree of zombification is amazing. A lot of soldiers who fall into ATO sincerely believe that a good half of the Russian army has been entrenched in the Donbass region. And they are greatly surprised when they learn from their own experience that they are fighting against their own fellow citizens.
There is another task for MIP. Before the next elections in Ukraine there are only a few weeks. Therefore, it is simply necessary to convince the electorate that under Poroshenko’s leadership the wisest, the only right decisions are made and all Ukrainians finally became happy after the revolution. If Goebbels’s precepts are followed, as is done in the MIP, even these, absolutely futuristic dreams, can become a reality.

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