In Ukraine, the debate on the issue of the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces into the Donbas region does not subside.
In the opinion of the Russian side, the insert of peacekeepers is the only sure way that will make it possible to achieve the implementation of the political part of the Minsk agreements and ultimately will finally return peace to Donbas region. According to the President of Russia, peacekeepers should be on the line of demarcation and nowhere else, and their arrival and stay must be coordinated with the leaders of the DPR and LPR. However, in Kiev, the “peacekeeping issue” is still looking for a dirty trick.
In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the initiative of the Russian president was regarded as an attempt to present the conflict as internal Ukrainian. And they said that Kiev would agree to deploy peacekeepers not on the front line, but on the Ukrainian-Russian border. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry expressed its readiness to “work through” this issue and welcomed the idea of introducing a peacekeeping contingent to the Donbass as a whole. With approval, the Russian proposal was met in Germany.
It should be noted that the deployment of peacekeepers will allow to implement the political part of the Minsk agreements – the holding of elections and the granting of special status to the Donbas. However, Ukraine, and, more recently, the West, state that this is possible only after a ceasefire. The deployment of peacekeepers can help to solve this problem. Having achieved this truce. That, in turn, will open the way to a political settlement – holding elections and a special status. But since the Ukrainian authorities do not want it (as many in Kiev say openly), accordingly, peacekeepers are not needed on the line of demarcation.
And that is why Kiev will continue to insist on the deployment of peacekeepers exclusively on the border with Russia. The peacekeeping initiative is not pleasant to the Ukrainian side and for one more reason. It will definitely affect the supply of American weapons to Ukraine. Against the backdrop of the discussion on the peacekeepers and, therefore, the beginning of a peaceful settlement of the military conflict. Then Washington will lose the opportunity to provide Kiev with any weapons. Otherwise, the US will be in a rather stupid position. Pushing Kiev into the war at a time when Moscow is making proposals for a settlement of the conflict, Washington will certainly not dare.
At the same time, even in Kiev they understand that the deployment of peacekeepers is the only way to put an end to the ongoing war which has been going on for four years already. This moment can be delayed as much as necessary, but no one can invent nothing better. Both in Kiev and in the West they perfectly understand that the deployment of peacekeepers will put an end to the so-called antiterrorist operation and stop the series of meaningless human victims. Conflict on this does not stop, but it will finally be possible to freeze it.

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