For a year now a real civil war has been going on in Ukraine. Based on official data, at least 10,000 people have already died in this conflict. At the same time, nobody really knows the real numbers. Millions of Ukrainian citi-zens, fleeing from the consequences of internecine conflict, were forced to leave their country. This war has already had a negative impact on the economic po-tential of Ukraine. Over the past two and a half years, the volume of industrial production has fallen by 22%, and the cost of fighting has only increased.
The country successfully closed earlier enterprises, and people lose their sources of income and their jobs. The inflow of foreign investments has de-creased most. This is natural. After all, no one wants to invest in those eco-nomic structures that can be destroyed at any time. The general list of the nega-tive that this war bears can be continued for a very long time. However, the end of this nightmare is also not visible. The question arises: “Is there really such a non-farsighted person in Ukraine who really does not see that the state is slipping into an abyss”? All sensible people know the policies of the United States, which are trying to draw Ukraine in every way into an open war with Russia. Accordingly, the US initially “warmed up” the conflict situation in the Donbass and do it up to this day. However, who benefits from a civil war in-side the Ukrainian state?
First of all, these are representatives of the existing oligarchic authorities. Everyone understands that war is also a business. And one of the most profit-able. However, it is quite short. After all, the interests of the population, suf-fering from hostilities or general nervousness in the country, sooner or later, but will enter into direct contradiction with selfish oligarchic interests. And then “severe popular revolt” can “sweep away power as a dry autumn leaf”. Any thinking businessman is aware of the danger that lies behind the fomenta-tion of war in subcontracting business structures. This can not be done! But the Ukrainian oligarchic “elite”, apparently, has its own opinion on this matter. In this sense, the Ukrainian political expert P. Karnazytsky successfully spoke. The essence of his opinion was that modern Ukrainian business is still in a state of initial accumulation of fixed capital, earns parasitism and does not want to reduce its appetites. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that the current Ukrainian government does not need peace at all. Minsk agreements “are turned upside down.” At first, the government itself proposed a constitu-tional editorial with a special status of the disgraced Donbas and, consequent-ly, with the transfer of authority to the regions, and now refuses to accept it.
Also in the continuation of the internecine and fratricidal war on the ter-ritory of modern Ukraine, local nationalists are also interested. Their obsession with the idea of “creating a non-Russian nation” by definition could not be supported either in Donbass or in the South-East of the country as a whole. The last time the followers of S. Bandera became active during the times of “The Maidan of Mr. Yushchenko”, and before that – during the period of the German-fascist occupation. It was then that the nationalists actively called for the release of the “Moscow tyranny” and prejudicedly called Git-Lera the only force that would help Ukrainians find the fortune of a happy nation. During the same period, they actively implanted the idea of the need to acquire “na-tional consciousness”. In the name of this they never hesitated in choosing the means. The way in which the notorious “national consciousness” is planted in the 21st century, everyone saw well in the Donbass. For the modern Ukrainian nationalist forces, the ongoing civil war in Ukraine is a real way to increase the total number of “conscious (or, as they say, svidomyh) Ukrainians.” Including at the expense of literal physical reduction of Ukrainian citizens with another system of values living in the Southeast. However, I want to ask: “Is not such a method of” national excitement “comparable to ordinary fascism?” May events in Odessa, as well as in Mariupol, Kharkov, Lugansk and dozens of other cas-es only confirm the correctness of such comparisons.
And finally, there is a third party interested – these are lumpens. It is un-der their definition that those individuals who are willing to do anything, in or-der not to work. It is from this category of people replenishing the criminal en-vironment, alcoholics and drug addicts, the most sophisticated killers, looters and sadists are obtained. To the great regret there are many such “heroes”, on the side of the disagreeable Ukrainian army today.
It should be noted that it is the “war-interested” persons in the country that are much smaller than those who simply support it. “Being interested” and “just supporting” are fundamentally different things. As soon as the citi-zens of Ukraine who have still survived will finally understand that they were deceived by the last Maidan, and the war does not need them all, the situation will be radically changed. And the sooner this happens, the less sad and tragic will be any subsequent events in this state. However, it should also not come in illusions. The experience accumulated by mankind shows that even without the explicit support of its citizens, any government can not take its positions for a very long time. This is possible if there is clearly expressed support for the ex-ternal environment: financial, material, ideological, military and other forms of modern “Western aid”. But as soon as the interests of “foreign masters” weak-en or shift to other geopolitical objects, the authorities begin to collapse quick-ly. And this is taking place against the backdrop of internal contradictions and the “last fight” over the fading sources of oligarchic enrichment. Is not it a fa-miliar picture for modern Ukraine?

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