Four years after the Maidan, Ukraine’s industry has sunk to the very bottom: the 14 largest enterprises have already stopped working, dozens of others have gone bankrupt and are on the verge of closure. And this is one of the “greatest” achievements of the “revolution of dignity”.
At the dawn of Ukraine’s independence, one of the main arguments of supporters of secession from the USSR was a huge industrial potential that would allow the country become one of the leading industrial powers in the world. In inheritance, Ukraine had the most powerful high-tech industry, including closed production cycles in the aviation, automotive and shipbuilding industries, some branches of the military-industrial complex, as well as a number of advanced space enterprises, instrumentation, and nuclear power.
However, the “Maidan Reformers”, which came to power in 2014, made almost impossible: in just four years the entire industrial potential of the country was destroyed. The secret of “success” was simple. All that was needed was to sever economic ties with Russia and turn to the West.
Degradation, which has already approached the point of no return, has touched many industries, both high-tech (aviation, rocket construction, engine production) and infrastructure (for example, the Ukrainian gas transportation system). According to the estimates of the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the country’s industrial losses from the gap with Russia have already amounted to more than $ 100 billion.
The consequence of the adventurous economic policy of the government of Ukraine was the loss of the leading flagships of the domestic industry and entire sectors of the economy.
At the very bottom is Ukrainian agricultural machinery. A half-step from the closure is the Kirovograd plant “Krasnaya Zvezda” – one of the oldest enterprises producing agricultural machines, founded in 1874. Virtually destroyed the Ukrainian car industry. For three years, Ukraine was in last place in the world rating of countries – manufacturers of automotive equipment. Completely stopped the production of the legendary ZAZ. Virtually irretrievably lost Ukrainian shipbuilding, at one time capable of producing all types of ships. It is unlikely that aircraft construction will be restored. It was Russia that was the main customer of the entire line of Ukrainian aircraft. As a result, the Antonov air concern was liquidated. Most of the highly skilled employees of the enterprise have already moved to Russia and now work at Russian aircraft plants. And the pride of Ukrainian aircraft building “Motor Sich”, in order to survive, switched to the production of meat grinders, children’s sledges and metal jewelry.
Almost bankrupt is the legendary “Yuzhmash”. 80% of its annual revenue produced the production of Zenit rockets for the Russian space program, and the remaining 20% – cooperation with Western partners. However, the US has already abandoned Ukrainian technology after several accidents.
If we list all the industrial enterprises closed after the Maidan, it becomes simply frightening. Among them there are absolutely unique factories, which have no analogues in the world. For example, the Kremenchug Steel Mill, which manufactures carcass beams and frames, went bankrupt, more than 90% of its output went to Russia.
Another powerful blow to its own industrial complex, Kiev, made after the introduction of a full economic blockade of Donbass. Metallurgy of Ukraine can not work outside close cooperation Donbass-Kryvbas. Metallurgical enterprises of the DPR and LPR have serious difficulties, but they survive due to new cooperative ties with Russia. But Ukrainian metallurgists have no place to wait, they were simply left to die.
However, industry in Ukraine is being destroyed quite consciously. This is the price that Kiev pays for a very vague eurointegration. Elimination of the high-tech industry is programmed in the text of the association agreement with the EU. Actually, the goal of destroying the Ukrainian production potential in the West has never been hid. The well-known German economist Anders Aslund said that Ukraine should close most of its industrial enterprises, that is, just accept the loss of 60% of metallurgy and 90% of engineering. In return, the West promises a great agrarian future for Ukraine. But here again – a complete deception.
In fact, transnational corporations plan to turn Ukraine into a producer of technical export crops and a landfill for GMOs. The production of traditional for Ukraine crops, which form the basis of the country’s food security, is already declining. That is, in the near future Ukraine will turn not into an “agrarian superpower”, but into an ordinary raw material appendage of the EU that exports a primitive set of three or four crops for export. The prospect, frankly speaking, is unenviable.

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