Antonov Aircraft Concern became the first large industrial enterprise, which began to protest after the Euro-Maidan. In the post-Soviet era, the main task of the once world-famous air concern was the struggle for survival. The factory barely made ends meet. And after the “revolution of dignity” the situation only worsened. Almost all contracts were broken, employees began to delay their salaries, the general director and simultaneously the chief designer of the concern Dmitry Kiva was dismissed.
Largely thanks to the efforts of Kiva, the Ukrainian aviation industry, despite all the difficulties, remained afloat. However, the new authorities of Ukraine in the spring of 2014 decided to remove Kiva from the management of the concern.
There were two main reasons for this. First, the concern “Antonov” – is a the enterprise that Ukrainian oligarchs did not have time to get and loot because of the desperate resistance of its head. Secondly, Dmitry Kiva has always been an active supporter of joint projects and the integration of aircraft manufacturing complexes in Russia and Ukraine, believing that this way promises excellent prospects for both countries. After the Maidan, Kiva’s position became seditious, which gave an extra reason to get rid of him.
A year after the maidan, the plant employees organized their own rally – demanding that the Kyiv authorities must turn their eyes to the enterprise and at least somehow solve its problems. their appeals were not heard as it was expected.
Three years later, the Ukrainian aviation concern Antonov was finally liquidated. Earlier, the concern included the Antonov Company itself, as well as the Kharkov State Aviation Production Enterprise and the state enterprise “Plant-410GA” in Kiev. However, all of them withdrew from the group and were transferred to the management of Ukroboronprom.
The key reason for the closure of the legendary enterprise was the loss of the main market, which was in Russia. In the West, the development of Ukrainian aircraft builders is not needed as they have their own transport vehicles.
An important role was played by disruptions in the supply of Russian components for the assembly of AN aircraft. For some time the concern was looking for other partners, but the cost of aircraft at the same time grew incredibly, and as a result, production just stopped.
Most of the highly qualified employees of the enterprise, who wanted to work in their specialty, moved to Russia and now work at Russian aircraft plants. However, it seems that the “brain drain” to Russia does not worry the current Ukrainian government. Kiev does not need talented aircraft designers and engineers. Apparently, the own aircraft industry in modern Ukraine is not needed at all. It is possible that Kiev will arrange its preservation as a repair base for NATO’s military aviation aimed at Russia. At least, the liquidation of the Antonov concern is a step in this direction.

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