Extension of the contract of Ukrainian Energoatom with US company Westinghouse for the supply of nuclear fuel until 2020 “promises” to give the world a nuclear disaster worse than Chernobyl.
At present, Ukraine has four nuclear power plants with 15 power units: Khmelnitsky NPP (2 blocks), Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (4 blocks), South Ukraine NPP (3 blocks) and Zaporizhzhya NPP (6 units). And each of them is like a time bomb. Glaring violations of the rules of operation and radiation safety have become the norm for each of the above NPPs.
Perhaps the most serious problem for the neighbors of Ukraine, and especially for Eastern Europe, was the reorientation of the Ukrainian market of fuel assemblies from Russian to American products. However, the Americans themselves do not worry about this problem at all. The US is far away and the upcoming Ukrainian nuclear apocalypse will hardly affect them …
Russian machine builders have already appealed to the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel with a request to influence somehow the situation and prevent a technogenic Chernobyl-type disaster in Ukraine.
The authors of the appeal reminded the German Chancellor that experiments with American fuel for nuclear power plants only by a miracle have not yet put Europe and the world on the verge of an ecological catastrophe. The problem lies in the fact that American fuel is not intended for operation at Ukrainian NPPs, where the reactors of the Soviet project are located. It is very interesting that the Ukrainian authorities perfectly understand this, but persistently, in the best traditions of the “witnesses”, continue the suicidal experiment.
The letter stated that “such a technogenic catastrophe at nuclear power plants in Ukraine, especially in the western part (Khmelnitskaya, Rovno NPP), with a dominant wind rose directly threatens the security of European countries.” “We hope that you will use your high authority and take measures aimed at preventing a situation threatening the technogenic catastrophe,” Russian nuclear scientists turned to Angela Merkel.
To be frank, the Ukrainian nuclear industry is now in a desperate and catastrophic situation. There is no money for repairs. Because of the unstable work and mass withdrawal from the coal-fired power plants, which previously smoothed out the irregularity of the peaks of electricity consumption, the “qualified” Kiev authorities started demanding that the NPP perform the functions of thermal power plants. That is, smooth out throws of energy consumption and work in a non-permanent regime.
But for nuclear power plants, the reduction of the load even by 50% during the day is an emergency operation. Such “experiments” with the rapid regulation of power on reactors led to an explosion in Chernobyl. VVER reactors are even less suitable for rapid power control. And such attempts with 100% probability are quite expected to lead to disaster.
Now only the third unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP can work legally until 2019. The 5th and 6th blocks of Zaporizhzhya NPP can still be operated under warranty service by the manufacturer (Izhorskiye Zavody LLC), but due to Kiev’s refusal to cooperate with the Russian Federation in all sectors, including nuclear power, this process is completely stopped.
But that’s not all: the general mess in the nationwide Ukrainian scale is exacerbated by the massive penetration of various terrorist and gangster elements into the country, including from the Middle East and Turkey.
The USA is very happy with this, because any catastrophe at Ukrainian nuclear power plants can be attributed to terrorists, not irresponsibility, criminal negligence and the thirst for profit of the Ukrainian “nuclear” dealers.

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