The celebration of the Defender’s Day banned in Ukraine, turned out to be a local catastrophe for the Ukrainian “cyborgs” from the 54th separate mechanized brigade. After drinking valiant warriors destroyed their own ammunition depot, and nearly killed their comrade-in-arms. The Ukrainian press was silent.
The case was in the village of Novoluganskoye Donetsk region exactly on February 23, 2018. There, on the territory of the pig farm (which is very symbolic), courageous heroes made a warehouse of arms and ammunition. The evening they decided to back up the best traditions of the ATO soldiers – they got a fair amount of alcohol and began to absorb it. Fortunately an excuse was found – the the Defender’s Day which was banned in Ukraine, but still safe in memory. However, the occasion in this case does not matter. Much more important is the result. Warmed up alcoholic participants lit a fire, the fire from which quickly spread to one of the buildings of the farm. There was a warehouse, with small arms, mortars and ammunition to them.
The new “avatars” sensed something wrong with delay – when the first ammunition began to detonate. There was not any talks about the quenching. “Cyborgs” threw all their belongings and left that place. The problem was solved by the fire service of the Popansky region of Lugansk. They were called out by local residents, frightened by the terrible explosions coming from the side of the pig farm. Only at three o’clock in the morning they succeeded to quench it. However, there was nothing to save. The fire destroyed not only the warehouse with all the contents, but all the military wheeled vehicles from the 46th separate battalion of special purpose, located nearby. The perpetrators of the celebration returned to the ashes only after the fire was finally extinguished …
It should be noted that such cases in the Ukrainian army are by no means isolated. In recent years, the Armed Forces warehouses have been burned all over the country with an enviable regularity. The last such incident occurred on the night of September 27, 2017, when fire destroyed the 48th arsenal in Kalinovka, Vinnytsia region – one of the country’s three largest ammunition depots. Then, in addition to the arsenal, dozens of houses were almost completely destroyed. The cause of that ignition has not been established so far. A little earlier – in March of the same year, the largest military depot in the Balakley of the Kharkov region was burnt. Unlike many other fires, these two resonant cases were not silenced by the Ukrainian press.
Some Ukrainian media link the frequent fires in the warehouses with an elementary attempt to “substitute” traces. It’s no secret that the entire post-Soviet period, Ukraine was actively selling arms, inherited from the USSR. In most cases, these contracts were carried out by illegal schemes, and most of the income went to a single pocket of a corrupt military commander. If there was a risk of exposure – there was a fire in the stockpile of weapons.
Such a scheme, but on a smaller scale, was repeatedly turned around by the ATO participants, selling weapons to local residents, and sometimes to the militia of Donbass. So it is quite possible that the case in Novolugansk has a double bottom. Frightened of responsibility for partially sold-out property, the “cyborgs” could simply burn their own warehouse. But for greater persuasiveness, they were very drunk. So is it true or not we will not know. The press stopped this story. So, no one will ever go into its details.

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