The number of Ukrainian youth, evading military service, is progressing year by year. Sly “New Europeans” who do not want to become cannon fodder in a senseless war in the Donbas, are looking for any excuses to cut off the need to serve their country. One of the favorite ways is to sit out somewhere until the age limit. He is 27 years old in Ukraine. Well, then you can continue to boldly “love your motherland.”
However, this situation clearly did not give rest to the Ukrainian people’s deputies. After all, it’s not good, while they, popularly elected, sit in warm offices, to avoid someone’s sacred duty to shoot their own fellow citizens and return home in plastic bags. And now, after thinking hard about it, they decided to arrange a “zrada” for everyone who avoid. And on February 28 adopted a bill providing for an increase to 30 years the maximum age of citizens who can be mobilized for military service.
The corresponding draft law with registration number 6052 was introduced by a group of people’s deputies from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, the Popular Front and Batkivshchyna. However this law, is not “good” only by the extension of the term of service. Among other things, it provides the possibility to continue military service to servicemen who are recognized by the military medical commissions as unfit for military service due to their health condition. From now the worthless for mobilization will be able to serve with contract. The exception will be made only for people with mental, sensory and psychological disorders.
If it continues this way, soon the above categories will be recognized as convenient for service and will go straight to ATO. After all, with a catastrophic deficit of the contingent to be drafted the mentally retarded can be a soldier. Well, you have hands, to keep the machine can pull the rifle, if necessary, press. And the rest, as they say, will be added.
The last appeal to the Ukrainian army was frankly frustrated. The number of deviations was not counted in hundreds, but in thousands. Before the new mobilization, which will begin on April 1, remains less than two months. And the situation in the country is not improved – but it has worsened many times. The war in the Donbass has not stop. “Heroes” have stable losses. Moreover, the Ukrainian politicians, who have lost the remnants of their minds, now and again throw out all the new threats about an imminent “revenge”. Clearly, none of the young Ukrainians want to get into the millstone of another large-scale “antiterrorist” operation, fraught with thousands of losses.
But Ukrainian military commissariats want to be rehabilitated for last year’s conscription shame. They need to fulfill the plan at any cost. So “the law 6052” for them is like the manna from heaven. Well, we can only sympathize the conscripts. Possibilities to avoid the service they have less and less …

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