Ukraine is captured by radiation. As art to the masses, it is carried by the Chernobyl marauders, who take out radioactive metal. The exclusion zone, which is located unattended, is literally torn apart by parts. And then the sources of radioactive radiation fall almost in every Ukrainian house.
Specialists note three stages of plundering of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant zone. The first in the second half of the 80’s. The second is after the declaration of independence. The third is after the overthrow of Yanu-kovych and the outbreak of the civil war in Ukraine.
They fought for a long time with marauders in the Chernobyl zone and completely unsuccessfully. The loss in this local war is easy to explain – every-one can come into the forbidden zone. After all, it was carefully guarded be-fore, all the entrances and exits controlled the “Scala-1” alarm system, and people were afraid to go to those parts. Now, exit entrances control only a few checkpoints, and anyone can enter the zone – if you have a desire and certain skills. Chernobyl marauders have long trodden their trails there. For years, with impunity, they take out of the zone everything that represents at least some kind of value.
After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, about 100,000 military and civilian equipment were used to eliminate the consequences of the catastrophe. Since the technology was contaminated with lethal radiation dos-es, it was decided to leave it in the exclusion zone, but judging by satellite im-ages, after more than 30 years the dump of contaminated equipment was emp-ty.
They also export wood and scrap metal from the zone.
The business of radiation traders has a broad profile. From the exported wood do parquet, and scrap metal is handed over to the points of its reception. Sometimes they catch fish for sale. Details from the buried cars are sold on the car market.
According to some estimates, during the year looters take out more than two thou-tons of metal. Although even these figures are considered by many to be understated. Radioactive metal continues to flood Ukraine. Businessmen work on an industrial scale.
The reasons for the problems with mass export of metal are obvious:
– Reduced funding and the number of police and security;
– There is no work for people – they are looking for at least some earn-ings.
We have to state: the home dosimeter is the necessary thing in the life of the Ukrainian. Although radiation is now not surprising. Everyone has become accustomed to it. Fry mushrooms from Chernobyl forests, ride a fountain car and build a house made of radioactive bricks, where the floor of the same par-quet becomes Ukrainian tradition. As, however, and earn on a tomb, about which about 30 years ago they spoke with a shudder.
These are today’s realities of post-maidan Ukraine. However, there is nothing particularly surprising: what they fought for, hit them. The criminal power produce criminal society.

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