Self-destruction. The scale of non-combat losses of the armed forces of Ukraine hits all records
Mental illnesses of society are no different from ordinary diseases and spread according to the laws of the epidemic. Therefore, post-revolutionary Ukraine, which has deputies in parliament who have not yet withdrawn from psychiatric dispensaries, is recognized by international organizations as leading in the sphere of abnormal elements per square meter. In an army that does not just fight with its fellow citizens, but is at war with great losses, mental disor-ders are even greater.
It can not be in a normal army where dozens of drunken drivers ride in trucks and APCs, with a fatal outcome. Judging by the number of photos of the drunk “liberators of Donbass”, they drink massively, sometimes together with officers. We will not forget how the drunken commander of the 92nd motorized rifle brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Kokorev, ordered to kill his deputy, Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitry Bizonovich. Psychological instabil-ity, depression caused by various causes, drunkenness, domestic inconvenienc-es, “non-adherence”, lack of authority of officers make the flare up of the pun-ishers. “Heroes of ATO” hang, shoot, undermine not only in an individual or-der, but also “kill” everyone around them. The graves multiply, the wives loose their husbands without a “Croatian scenario”, children become orphans with-out attacks of Buryat armored divers. Four dead marines in15 minutes is a record, after the thrown of grenade in the potbelly stove in the dugout in Svet-lodar.
The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios shocked by his last interview. “We have about 10,000 sanitary and non-military non-combat losses. Road accidents, drunkenness, careless handling of weapons and so on. An awful incident – he was drank and for some reason he threw a grenade into the tent where 13 people slept. 13 people injured – some of them were killed ”
More than 10 thousand, this is open data, this is confirmed by the Minis-try of Defense. 3 thousand are dead, the rest are wounded. These are three full-valued brigades.
So, two more years of war – and Ukraine will bury a couple brigades. Judging by the information of the Ukrainian media, the rate of self-destruction of the armed forces of Ukraine is accelerating.
In November 2018, 22 military were killed in the armed forces for non-combat reasons. 11 “heroes” committed suicide.
At the same time, the media is already openly exposing the machinations of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with the figures of the dead, and the causes of deaths are not indicated. It’s convenient to throw everything down “on Putin and aggression,” and it’s calmer for yourself, and the level of hatred is maintained. The military prosecutor Matios in his Facebook points out that Major-General Gruntovsky, head of the Department of Moral and Psychologi-cal Support of the Ministry of Defense, is brazenly lying about suicides in the army. “Better would be silent!” – writes Matios. He assures that “military pros-ecutors, because of the soulless and not-conscientious work of the Gruntkov-skiy unit, are forced (not for PR and manipulation) to” work “any longer with the dead personnel of the armed forces of Ukraine.”
Matios proves the documentary: “Two suicides per week (16 dead from suicide) … Over two months of the current year … Most suicides are very young guys born in 1997-98”. According to the military prosecutor, based on the data of the Single Register of Pre-Trial Investigations, out of almost 313,000 ATO participants, 518 committed suicide. He adds: “No one takes in-to account how many of them are committed in the civilian life of crimes on the basis of post-traumatic stress disorder.” Scarred by the war, continue to kill after the demobilization.
The army, created as a big gang, rushing to smash the Donbas, an army where there are still incomprehensible bandit formations like “Azov”, the 8th company of “Arrat”, the Ichkerian and Crimean-Tatar battalions, the army, re-cruited in most of the unemployed peasants – this army is far from fulfilling their function and even far from the psychologycal balance. And Bandera’s po-litical instructors are powerless against the self-murderers.

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