Weeps does not cease in the Ukrainian parliament. After the Euro-Maidan, Kiev should made any concessions to Simferopol, just to keep the Crimea in Ukraine, complain in the Verkhovna Rada.
The former Prime Minister of Crimea, and now the Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergey Kunitsyn publicly recognized the strategy of integration of the Autonomous Republic into Ukraine as a mistake, starting from 1992 and end-ing with the events after the coup in Kiev in early 2014. In his words, the lead-ers of Euromaidan should made any concessions to the Simferopol, just to keep the peninsula in Ukraine.
“I came to Turchinov and said that we immediately need to gather the Verkhovna Rada, delegate any powers to the Crimea, take it in the first read-ing, go back to the law of 1992, because the post-maidan power is weak, we need to gain time and level the referendum. That means, give the Crimea every-thing except sovereignty, and buy time, “- said Kunitsyn on the air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.
As you know, in 1992, Crimean residents voted for the Constitution, ac-cording to it, the republic become an independent state that is a part of Ukraine and define its relations with it on the contracts and agreements base. The official language and the language of office work became the Russian. The status of the state language was also given to the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages.
The Republic retained the right to itself to enter into relations with other states. The first and only president of the ARC, including Sevastopol, became Yury Meshkov, who took a course toward rapprochement with Russia, right up to reunification. In response, in March 1995, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine cancelled the 1992 Constitution of the Crimea, abolishing the post of President of the Republic.
According to Sergey Kunitsyn, Kiev could repeat the same scenario of keeping the Crimea in Ukraine, but “was late for a week”, since the leaders of Euromaidan who came to power failed to take responsibility for solving this problem.
As for the promise of the president of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko, to recognize the independence of the peninsula in the case of a new referendum on its status, but only if the Crimea returns to the control of Kiev before the start of voting. As the saying goes “a fresh tradition, let’s believe with labor.” It`s late to come, gentlemen. There is no wrong way!

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