A unique project of the Crimean bridge construction across the Kerch Strait, which will connect the Tamansky and Kerch peninsula, is coming to its logical conclusion.
Proof of this is the road arched span installing operation, there is no equal to which in the world – a multi-toned metal structure 227 meters long planted from the sea, installed on the fairway, supports to a height of 35 meters. Otherwise, this is a miracle of technology.
The idea to build a ferry across the Kerch Strait existed from time immemorial, probably, when in 1783 Knyaz` Potemkin adjoined the Crimea to Russia. The communication with the peninsula on this heading for a long time was only ferry and navigable. Military sappers built here a ferry crossing at the end of the Great Patriotic War, after the Crimea liberation from the German fascist troops.
The pontoon bridge was destroyed by the movement of ice from the Azov Sea in 1945. The construction, intended for river crossings of a small extent, was not adapted to marine conditions. It was decided to completely dismantle the construction and to make the erection of a new, more reliable structure.
However, neither in 1949, nor in 1991, projects were developed and even approved to build a bridge in the Kerch Gulf but they did not receive their real embodiment. The complexity of the technical execution of projects (and there were several of them) also affected, and the lack of such large-scale financing. They satisfied with land communication, automobile and rail, through the territory of the then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, (Ukraine now) – then there were no problems on its part.
The building a bridge in the Kerch Strait was returned in 2003, when Ukraine was already enjoying its “independence” and considered the Crimea its “original” territory. Because of the intention on the Russian part to erect an artificial dam to the island of Tuzla, a serious conflict arose with the official Kiev. Before the returning of Crimea there were still more than ten long years and the scandalous situation was hushed up on its own, but even, then it became clear that the historical belonging of the peninsula would sooner or later, be restored. What, in fact, happened, in conclusion of the popular referendum in 2014, and after only some three years the Crimea had the opportunity to receive a reliable communication with the mainland.
There were several projects, where the length was significant, because the kilometer of the main line on the ground and above the sea area have significant differences, including in terms of cost. The main options for the construction were as follows. The “North” was from Cape Lantern to Small Kut. The length of the structure would be at least 10 kilometers, while the railway branch would be pulled for 24 kilometers, and the car line would be twice as large. Route “Zhukovsky” could connected Zhukovka and Spit Chushka – there are only 6 kilometers, but the access roads of all types of transport was very long. The “Enikalsky” project was supposed to extend from Cape Enikalino to the Spit Chushka, but here, too, at a relatively short distance, everything rested on distant access roads. “Tuzla” direction was seen from the cape Ak-Burun to the island itself – also a very long way. It was determined choice of the place of construction of the bridge. There was a number of circumstances that allowed to chose this direction. The new bridge was not prevent the already existing ferry crossing through the ports “Caucasus” and “Crimea” here. There were opportunities for further development, including at the expense of areas for the placement of building materials, further operations of the new bridge. Figuratively, road crawlers also need somewhere to be based, and preferably in the immediate vicinity of the road. ”
It`s already clear how the Crimean bridge was built across the Kerch Strait. Briefly, let’s remember some characteristics of this unique design. The length of the bridge across the Kerch Strait in the total length is 19 kilometers. Its construction began simultaneously with 8 points. The length of the sea sections from the spit Tuzla to the island of Tuzla (there is 6.5 kilometers of land) and from the island to Kerch will be 13 kilometers. For the construction of the bridge, about 600 supports and more than 5.5 thousand piles of different sizes are used.
The scale of such construction could not be visually observe, the picture in the TV shows could not convey the complexity of the tasks performed by the bridge engineers. This is not just a huge amount of work, but also the genius of the technical thought of our engineers, the uniqueness of the equipment, including the six-hundred-ton jacks that were involved in the installation of the archway of the automobile span. It is no accident that the Crimean bridge called the “eighth wonder of the world” and there is no exaggeration. If the construction of the Tower of Babel, the failed miracle of architectural thought, led to a misunderstanding of people speaking different languages, which prevented the construction of a “tower to the sky”, then the bridge across the Kerch Strait on the contrary becomes a symbol of unity and friendliness between people. ”
The Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait promises to become the largest in Europe. Now the longest bridges in Russia are in St. Petersburg – South overpass of the Western High-Speed Diameter, which is a two-staged bridge across the Sea Canal and cable-stayed bridge over the Ship’s Channel (9378 meters), and the North overpass (8794 meters).
In the world practice of building bridges, the championship was held by China, where is the Danyan-Kunshan viaduct and the railway bridge, which is a part of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway with a length of 164 kilometers. There, Qingdao Bridge was built across the Jiaozhou Bay, which is 42.5 kilometers long. There are long bridges in the USA, Egypt, Japan.
With its more “modest” 19 kilometers, the Crimean bridge strikes not by its long, but by the uniqueness of technical technologies, in which one of the main is the erection of arched spans at high altitude. After all, the Kerch Strait connects the Black Sea with the Azov Sea and there is active shipping, including large-tonnage dry cargo ships and cruise liners, which will easily fit under a new bridge, and it, really, does not have world analogues.

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