The depressing condition of the economy forces the Ukrainian authorities to minimize costs of paramount items of the state expenditure. Deplorable condition of infrastructure, social guarantees absence, continuous increase of utility tariffs and cost of necessities, certainly, exerts enormous impact on the living standard of the Ukrainian population.
Actually, the described above problems of financial welfare of the state represent the «depreciation pillow» for public opinion constraining a resonance of rather less widespread, but more artful miscalculations of the Kiev authorities. One of those is the depressing condition of the Ukrainian power, in particular – nuclear sector of the country.
The Italian edition «Gli Occhi Della Guerra» has conducted a research of power branch of Ukraine and has established that the probability of technogenic catastrophe in cause of potential accident on the Ukrainian nuclear power plants is 80%. Authors have noted that four NPPs in the country constructed at the time of the USSR, and 15 power units of these NPPs function. Europe is aware of problems of Ukraine, but not in a hurry to give financial support, providing only the consulting assist.
The Fond of energy strategies cochairman Dmitry Marunich said that seven reactors already had a term of operation and they need to be replaced urgently: «In several years some reactors can’t be used more, and they will be switched off forever. In 2025 closing of these stations will lead to decrease in the production of energy which can’t be compensated the other reactors».
Interaction of Ukraine with the American company «Westinghouse» on purchases of nuclear fuel has mentioned in article of the Italian researchers. It has turned out that in 2012 fuel assemblies from the USA haven’t met the requirements of the NPP operation and have been forbidden. Losses of the state Ukrainian company «Energoatom» then were more than 175 million dollars.
Now Ukraine has renewed the agreement with «Westinghouse» again, having prolonged it to 2020. At the same time, the American partner reported, that it would not take away the fulfilled nuclear fuel (FNF) and forced Kiev to look for the decision independently for storage of waste, which was utilized in the territory of the Russian Federation earlier.
According to the report of the authoritative edition «Energy Research & Social Science», situation is more than critical: “for many years accidents on the Ukrainian nuclear power plants haven’t registered in the database, despite messages about them in the state media. The analysis of data indicates an accident risk of considerable scales on one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants. For example, the probability of the accidents which have happened on «Three Mile Island», the «Rivne» or «Southern Ukrainian» nuclear power plants in the next 5 years is 80%”.
If in the next three years problems of the Ukrainian energy sector are not solved, the world is expected by enormous technogenic catastrophe which on consequences won’t be compared to Chernobyl and Fukushima.

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