The situation in «Pavlogoradsky chemical plant», one of the largest chemical plants in Ukraine, can lead to environmental disaster, the press secretary of concern Pavel Brykov said in the press conference.
According to him, «because of irresponsible actions of workers of the plant residents of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and EU countries daily are exposed to deadly risk of environmental disaster which amount can’t be predicted».
«Accident on «PCP» will cause leak of «blood poison» — mononitrobenzene chloride. Radius of the minimum defeat taking into account a wind rose, basins of the rivers and the water area of the Sea of Azov — not less than 300 kilometers» —
The PСP concern is included into chemical holding Ostchem Group, which is under control of Group DF of Dmitry Firtash. The plant treats potentially dangerous productions; in the last year, in result of accident on «PCP», six people have died. In May, Ostchem has announced the suspension of production of ammonia, its derivatives and other production at the enterprise in connection with an intense situation in the area and desire of the company “to exclude all risks for employees and inhabitants of the region».

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