Annually in Ukraine there are about 312 million tons of waste. Some of them, in particular, the most dangerous ones, are found in spontaneous landfills near large settlements and are not disposed of. In recent years, this problem has acquired a truly large-scale nature. And this, undoubtedly, is one of the most important “achievements” of the revolution of dignity.
In recent years, most companies that have licenses for the disposal of toxic waste, process only on paper. And in fact, mountains of potentially hazardous waste that are harmful not only to the environment, but also to the lives of thousands of Ukrainians grow every day. This is recognized by officials of the Ministry of Nature and Ecology of Ukraine and non-state experts. And Kiev politicians do not notice it at all. Well, do they care about any chemical waste that kills their own people? After all, there are questions which are more important. For example, plundering the treasury and begging for trenches from the IMF.
It should be noted that the real processing of waste is a complicated and expensive process. And most importantly – requiring appropriate equipment. Money for its purchase is not available either from state or private enterprises. But getting a license to perform this activity in modern Ukraine is a simple matter. The main thing is to have ways on those who need to give a bribe. And then the fun begins. Enterprises (mostly private), as a result of which the chemical waste appears pay a lot of money for their disposal. Only these “recyclers” do not process waste, but they are taken to the nearest wasteland or to the forest belt and there they simply drop it. On paper, everything is destroyed, but in practice it is stored at the side of unsuspecting Ukrainians. As a result, the impure processors turn rich, but the people suffer as always.
According to an expert of the international non-governmental organization Ecology. Right. Man »Alla Wojciechowska license for handling hazardous waste in Ukraine for several years issued with violations. “In the past years, the Ministry illiterately issued licenses – in particular, to those enterprises which do not have technology. We demanded information about what kind of disposal facilities they use, and there is horror. ” Since 2016, the Ministry of Natural Resources has checked about a quarter of all enterprises that have licenses for handling waste – 74 out of 297 companies. The inspectors found violations in the work of all companies without exception, which they visited.
As a result, corruption and flagrant bureaucratic arbitrariness led to a critical situation, gradually turning Ukraine into a “toxic” state. In the context of the commitments that the Stockholm, Basel and Rotterdam Conventions provide for, to which the state has acceded, this situation looks more than wild. Even here, Ukraine, passionately rushing to the EU, can not fulfill its obligations.

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