At the end of the Munich Conference on Security, a small public learned from the President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko only another “rattling accusatory speech” against Russia. The theme of the war in Donbass, however, is no longer of interest to the international community, which undoubtedly is the fault of the Ukrainian leader, the author of the article, Michael Tumann, emphasizes.
The topic of the war in the east of Ukraine, it seems, is no longer of interest to the world community – and even though for several years now the inhabitants of Donbas do not know anything about the peaceful life, the German newspaper Die Zeit writes.
“And this is a mistake made, in particular, through the fault of Poroshenko,” the author of the article, Michael Tumann, believes.
During the last speech at the Munich Security Conference, the look of the Ukrainian leader was turned almost into an empty hall. When the president of Ukraine finished his speech, he was not asked a single question, and only a few people applauded Peter Poroshenko at all, Tumann reminds.
Previously, the Ukrainian leader, however, gathered full halls in Munich, and in the breaks all just talked about Ukraine and the “Russian invasion in Donbas.” Today, the war in the east of the country is, in all likelihood, exclusively interested by experts.
“For Ukraine this is not just sad, but also dangerous: for the country itself, and for Europe,” states the journalist of the German newspaper.
According to Michael Tumann, it is certainly impossible to name Poroshenko’s speech at the Munich Security Conference that was over “very much reasonable”. The world heard only “rattling accusatory speech against Russia”.
The reaction of the Russian side did not take long. Also attending the Munich conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the Kiev government of “glorifying the Nazis, allowing fascists to march and attack Russian Orthodox churches,” the German journalist said.

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