Back in 2014, arguing about the moral appearance of the Armed Forces Of Ukraine, one of the Ukrainian military leaders sadly noted: “We do not need separatists, we ourselves will shoot each other”. And he hit the nail of the head. Despite Poroshenko’s joyful statements that Armed Forces Of Ukraine have become better, steeper, wider, thicker and have already joined NATO with one foot, the Ukrainian “cyborgs” continue to kill their colleagues with the same regularity as they did four years ago.
Only last week there were two such cases. On February 14, under Shirokino two fighters of 36 brigade of the Marines of the Ukrainian Navy Air Forces shot four of their comrades, and then tried to set their bodies on fire. So the soldiers took revenge on fellow soldiers for systematic bullying. On February 18, in Mariink, during a drunken quarrel, a serviceman of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was dispatched to hell by the brother in arms.
The moral and psychological state of the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as before, remains at a catastrophically low level. After all, to the standards of NATO, the Ukrainian army is approaching exclusively in the hungover dreams of Poroshenko. But in reality nothing has changed. Soldiers in the ATO zone behave as before: the alcoholics “bump” without a break, the strong beat weak, “steep” shoot wherever they want, and soldiers with criminal habits carry out robbery attacks against civilians. Alcoholism, hazing, crime could not be eradicated. Moreover, they acquired an even more massive character in the ATO zone.
There are many reasons for such phenomena. One of the weakest places of “the strongest army in Europe” is unsatisfactory food security. So, in 58 separate motorized infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, whose divisions carry out tasks in the ATO zone, cases of hungry fainting have been repeatedly recorded. It is clear that in such a situation the soldier does not think about the heroic service of “nenka”, but about a piece of bread and the possibilities to get it. And there are not so many ways. The simplest is to take the machine and go “disposes” the local residents. What, in fact, valiant Ukrainian soldiers do.
Here are just a small statistics of a separate unit. Only in 2017, servicemen of the 16th separate motorized infantry battalion Poltava, who participated in the blockade of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Germany, committed 18 robberies against citizens living in the temporary deployment areas of the unit, which resulted to three kills . And these figures are by no means final. How many cases have war criminals succeeded to cover?
However, not only hunger pushes Ukrainian servicemen to commit crimes. In connection with the increase in the number of conscripts last year, the Ukrainian military registration and enlistment offices had to work hard. So that they began to close their eyes onto the recently removed conviction, and to light mental disabilities of future defenders of the country. After all, the fulfillment of the plan is above all.
As a result, the grouping that carried out the tasks in the ATO zone turned into a bunch of criminals and mentally inadequate individuals who received not only weapons but also the legal right to kill. Here also it is necessary to poor fellows to take out anger on local inhabitants and own colleagues.
In this context, the sincere surprise is caused by the indignation of some Ukrainian officials complaining that, it is said, the local population of the front-line regions of Donbass refuses to cooperate with the ATO fighters, and does not trust them and, moreover, hates them. Well, how else can you treat such “liberators” here? After all, for them the life of their own “twinning” does not cost a penny.

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