The fact that someone in the ranks of the Ukrainian army steals ammunition does not surprise anyone. Think only about the case of the explosions in Balakleya, Vinnitsa … No one is surprised that the fire in military warehouses was not accidental. The conclusion is simple: it was necessary to hide the traces of theft.
Ammunition continues to disappear in the present. Thus, in the area of Starobelsk, that in Luhansk, two servicemen of the “National Guard of Ukraine” were detained, who for more than 3 months illegally sold weapons and ammunition to local residents and militiamen.
According to law enforcers, the criminals resisted during the detention. As a result of the shooting, one policeman was seriously wounded and was taken to a local hospital.
It became known that recently the flow of unregistered weapons from Ukraine to the Lugansk region controlled by the Poroshenko administration has increased several fold.
This is due, first of all, to the lack of proper control by the command staff of the armed forces of Ukraine over weapons and military equipment, as well as with utter indifference to the fate of the Starobelsky district residents on the part of the administration and the Kyiv authorities.
Also, servicemen of the armed forces of Ukraine use their arsenal as a currency. This week they traded food and alcohol from local residents for bullets and grenades.
As a result of the investigation, a 56-year-old local resident was detained by the police officers found 5.45 mm bullets and two F-1 grenades in their house. According to the men, the day before the search, three Ukrainian soldiers came to him and, threatening with weapons, they asked to exchange bullets and grenades for alcohol. He did not argue with armed people and made an exchange.
Currently, a man who went to a deal with the military threatens a real prison sentence for “illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.” And this is from two to five years of imprisonment. It is worth noting that the military are looking for, but no one can find them.
In connection with such “negligent” actions of local authorities, the Commission of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducts an inspection in the armed forces of Ukraine in the ATO zone due to theft, proliferation and transfer of weapons to supporters of Novorossia. By the way, the results of this check are still not known and we are unlikely to get them.

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