Operational statistical information on the Crimea appears regularly, and it deserves attention. Recently Krymstat has published the latest results of industry work. The figures cover 12 months of 2017. The growth of industrial production was 2.3%. This is a good pace, it is ahead of the average Russian. In general, industrial production in the country increased by 1.8% over the same period. In 2016, for the same period, the Crimean industry also showed dynamics with a plus sign: 3.5%. The processes of recovery and renewal launched after reunification with Russia are yielding real results.
There are many branches in the economy and inside the industry too. For each of its separate species, its growth or fall index is calculated. Consider the details. The mining industry grew by 8.9%. The implementation of large infrastructure projects helped, because the main minerals of the Crimea are building materials. The manufacturing industry added 11.8%. But the provision of electricity, gas and steam fell by 12.9%. Affects the comparison with the high base of last year. In 2016 there was a strong growth of this direction due to energy shortages. As a result, the industry added 56%.
In 2017, the pace rolled back down due to a return to normal, non-emergency mode of operation. Moreover, the work was done to connect the Crimea to the mainland gas supply system. Crimea began to receive gas from the mainland. This gives a high base for the previous year, as a result, 2017 came down. The activities on water supply and sanitation are considered in the same group as waste disposal and the elimination of pollution. This sphere grew by 17.2%. All this gave a weighted average for the Crimean industry: + 2.3%.
Let’s look at some of the industrial products that the Crimea produced in 2017. Let’s start with minerals. In general, this trend has grown by almost 9%, but inside it there are nuances. Something in the black, something in the red. For example, gas production, which leads Chernomorneftegaz fell by 4-5%. On gas supply of Crimeans, even in the cold season this will not be reflected. Glebovskoye gas storage is filled as expected, plus supplies of blue fuel from the mainland via the Kuban-Krym trunk pipeline are set up.
Another important type of mineral resources for the Crimea is construction materials. Here the work is in full swing. Since early 2017, their production has increased from 50% to 80%, depending on the species. This is granite, sandstone, granules, crumb, powder, pebbles, gravel, crushed stone. Large projects are being implemented in the Crimea, building materials are needed as air. It is long and expensive to carry them from the mainland, so there is an active development of quarries in the territory of the Crimea. In general, the amount of work performed in the construction sector has increased three-fold and amounted at 15 billion rubles. The indicator has grown, but comparing to other subjects of the Federation, it is not large. Take for example the Orenburg region. There is the same number of inhabitants as in the Crimea. There for the same period, construction work was carried out for 30 billion rubles, that is, twice as much. This suggests that the Crimea still has much to strive for.
Let us pass to the manufacturing industry. This trend showed a positive raise. About 12% increase. The sphere is very large, let’s name the types of activities that showed growth in it more than 10%. This is the production of smoked sausage, canned fish, as well as canned vegetables and mushrooms, butter, cheese, flour confectionery, cakes, cakes and mineral water. This is about the food industry. In the chemical industry, the production of paint and varnish materials, skin care products and makeup has increased. Also the production of door and window blocks made of plastic are in the big plus. In addition, in the Crimea began to produce more concrete and construction mixtures.
The successes of the Crimean economy is also read in the figures of the balanced financial result. The balanced fines is considered by the formula “profit of profitable companies minus the loss of unprofitable”. What remains as a result, and there is a balance: in total for 2017 the Crimean enterprises earned 45.5 billion rubles. This is 4 times more than in the previous year. The profit has grown, and losses have decreased. And, since we took for comparison the Orenburg region, we give the same figure for it: 69 billion. Crimea is growing, it’s good, but we need to grow even faster to reach the level of other subjects of the Federation.

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