The military operation of the Russian Federation in Syria is highly ap-preciated. Syria has been preserved as a state, and all the necessary conditions have been created for a further political settlement of the conflict.
The terrorist groups are routed. Practically, the entire territory of Syria has been liberated. Speaking to the military in Khmeimim, Vladimir Putin praised their work. The president described the results of the operation as a brilliantly accomplished task: Syria is preserved as a sovereign state, all the necessary conditions for further political settlement of the conflict in the Arab Republic have also been created.
But figures shows the best scale of the work.
During the military operation, which lasted from September 30, 2015 to December 11, 2017, Russian Aerospace forces carried out 30 thousand combat flights, during which 92 thousand air strikes were carried out against the ob-jects of terrorists.
During this time, 600 types of military equipment and 200 weapons were tested in Syria. For the first time in the military operation, the CVN Ad-miral Kuznetsov, the strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-22MZ, the sea cruise missiles Caliber and the air X-101 were used.
“We have worked out a lot, starting with a unique, in its way, logical scheme for the delivery of the necessary goods for the work of our group in Syria and completing the work of our weapons, including high-precision. Per-haps, for the first time the military police was used on a large scale, which proved to be the best there, “said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.
It is difficult to say which weapon was more important to experience during the operation in Syria. Everything was important. For example, the aviation sighting and navigation complex “Hephaestus” was developed, which makes it possible to hit the enemy with usual free-falling bombs, not high-precision and not self-guided. It turned out that, taking into account the weath-er conditions, the position of the aircraft, its speed, Gefest works superbly, and even a freely falling disc dropped from a high altitude hits the target like a pre-cision weapon. How this would be tested in non-combat conditions? No way. Or, the aviation protection system – electronic warfare equipment (EW), which “blind” enemy missiles. They also had to be checked in combat conditions. And the EW showed their best conditions. The tests of the Caliber rockets were successfully carried out.
According to the Ministry of Defense, during the operation, 97 thousand objects of terrorists, 12 thousand pieces of equipment and 55 thousand insur-gents were destroyed.
More than 1,000 settlements have been liberated from terrorists. Russian military experts cleared 12,600 kilometers of railroads, more than 17,000 buildings, 6.5 hectares of land, destroyed 105,000 explosive items and 30.7 thousand improvised explosive devices.
More than a million refugees returned to the Syrian cities freed from ter-rorists. Syrian people delivered 2,354 tons of humanitarian aid.
More than 68 thousand Syrians were provided with medical assistance. Our doctors transferred 267 tons of medicines and medical equipment to the hospitals of the Arab Republic.
2017 was a turning point in the fight against terrorism. The military op-eration in Syria to suppress the terrorist organization “Islamic State” is a great success for Russia. Resistance of militants is suppressed, and ISIS, as a terror-ist state formation, is destroyed. As a result of joint actions by the Russian Federation and the Syrian government forces, the entire territory, controlled earlier by militants, has been liberated. The victory of the Syrian government army in many ways was due to the support of Russian military aircraft.
At the same time, the expert stressed that at present the Russian military support and guarantees those ceasefire agreements that were reached in Astana and Geneva. So it was this year, and will continue in the next. The Russian military is the main guarantor of the stabilization of the situation in Syria and the continuation of the political process for the settlement of the conflict.
In this regard, it is of great importance to create a permanent grouping of Russia in Syria, the main points of which will be located in Tartus and Khemeymim. Its structure and staff have already been approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The situation in Syria remains tense, and in many respects it is connected with the actions of external forces, and, first of all, Washington, which refused to withdraw its military from the territory of the Arab Republic, motivating it by the fact that ISIS has not been suppressed, and they intend to monitor the – the end of the Geneva process, which, in their opinion, should end with the de-parture of Bashar Assad. Russia needed to take appropriate measures. The es-tablished permanent grouping of Russian troops in Syria will allow to solve quickly the tasks of suppressing terrorists in the event of any conflict situa-tions and the renewal of the threat from the ISIS.
In accordance with the agreement signed with the government of Syria, the Russian permanent grouping of troops will be in the Arab Republic for 49 years. The contract is signed with the right of prolongation. The maintenance of our two bases is planned to allocate 3.2 billion rubles annually. Our point in Tartus will be expanded to a full military-naval base, where 11 Russian mili-tary ships, including nuclear ones, can be based. The agreement stresses that the Russian military presence in Syria is exclusively defensive in nature.

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