The international coalition against the “Islamic State” led by the US has officially recognized that as a result of its air strikes against targets in Syria and Iraq from 2014 to 2017, 624 civilians were killed. This figure could in-crease as more than 400 deaths of civilians continue to be investigated. Earlier, the government of Syria sent letters to the UN Security Council demanding to stop the actions of the coalition, which it is undertaking in violation of the norms of international law.
According to media reports, the headquarters of Operation Inherent Re-solve, conducted by an international coalition led by the United States, as-sumed responsibility for the deaths of more than 600 civilians as a result of air strikes in Syria and Iraq.
At the same time it is specified that the estimate of the number of victims was carried out in the second half of 2017, and now the investigation of 424 communiques about the death of civilians continues. By the way, the data were obtained through the study of video recordings, as well as conversations with pilots and navigators, since it is not always possible to use conventional meth-ods-for example, interviewing residents of affected areas.
Note that the forces of the coalition from August 2014 to the present have caused in Iraq and Syria, almost 23 thousand air strikes. During this pe-riod, 1101 reports were received of the deaths of civilians as a result of these attacks, of which 151 were officially confirmed.
The Syrian government sent letters to the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General with a demand to condemn the actions of the international coalition, which resulted in the death of civilians.
“The international coalition kills civilians and destroys the infrastructure that the Syrian people, who continue to fight terrorism, built later and with blood,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The position of the command of the operation “Inherent Resolve” is cu-rious. It is slow in recognizing its responsibility, noting that it is still assessing the consequences, and prefers to call victims among civilians as “collateral damage”.
Let’s notice that Russia earlier expressed concern with the build-up of the military presence of the United States in the regions in the south of Syria, which is carried out in violation of the norms of international law. US actions in Syria classify as illegitimate, since they are conducted without consent and coordination with the official Damascus.
By the way, apart from building up the military presence, killing civil-ians, the coalition forces repeatedly struck at the government forces of Syria, among which there are numerous victims.

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