Four years ago, the organizers of the so-called revolution of dignity promised citizens of Ukraine a well-fed and happy European life. We overthrow the hateful government and the West will help us, and immediately we will live like kings. There will be work and “visa-free”, and corruption will disappear overnight. And if you eradicate the Soviet past, then at all there will come grace and prosperity.
The government was overthrown. And on this all ended. Four years past, and it have not become better. More precisely, it only got worse. The next presidential election is not far away. And the country as it was on the bottom, remained there.
With what results, not without the help of the West, Ukraine entered in 2018? So. The country continues the civil war supported by the West in the Donbass. From the TV screens Ukrainians from morning till night talk about the “heroes” of the ATO, evil separatists and insidious Russia. The whole society is concentrated on war. And at this time … Ukraine’s gross external debt has already exceeded $ 120 billion. Of these, 50 billion is directly public debt, and 70 are debts of banks and corporations. This year Ukraine will have to pay only over 6 billion dollars in court decisions, plus current interest and payments on them, and the IMF needs to pay 4 billion.
For the past three years, the Sixth Program of the International Monetary Fund has been in operation for four years and envisages allocating loans to Ukraine totaling $ 17.5 billion. However, in less than three years of the program, Kiev received about half of the planned amount. The last tranche came in April 2017 – 1 billion. And on this everything ended. For 2018 it is planned to sign documents on the new program. At the same time, the IMF has two main wishes (or, to be more precise, requirements): access to the land market for Western investors and a pension reform of a cumulative type. The latter is toughly insisted personally by the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine Ron van Roden. The author of the famous phrase that “the basis of pension reform in Ukraine should be a reduction in the number of pensioners.” And there is almost complete certainty that, on these issues, the West, so beloved by the Ukrainians, will finally break down the “nenka” through the knee.
Already in the TOP-10 Ukrainian grain traders there are only two companies with Ukrainian capital. This year, they will not remain at the disposal of the United States. It is very interesting that when they receive control over agricultural land, the US uses them for technical crops – rape, soy, sunflower. In this way, Ukraine is being excluded from among the largest suppliers of grain to the Arab and European markets. But grain exports until recently remained a practical last sector of the economy, allowing somehow to keep Ukraine afloat. But this store will soon be covered.
Well, the pension system of the accumulative type, proposed by Ron van Roden for 20-25 years and does break the yawning hole in the budget of Ukraine, which will have to be borrowed from the IMF. And these loans will be issued only under political conditions. There will be no reform, there will be no loans.
In December 2017, the independent think-tank “New Europe”, located in Kiev, published the results of a nationwide sociological survey “Ukrainian generation Z: values and landmarks.” As a result of the research, it became clear that the primary concern of modern Ukrainian youth is the issue of earning and surviving in difficult economic conditions. And this is not surprising, because only 1% (!) Of the Ukrainians interviewed answered that they have everything “for a decent standard of living.” But they all do not trust the European Union and do not want to join NATO any more. It seems that the Ukrainian youth is beginning to realize that somewhere in the West made fools of them.

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