The overthrown hegemon. The war in Syria was fatal for Washington. Part 2

It was the appearance of a new strong player at once that brought down all geopolitical calculations of Washington. Ankara was able to find a foothold in Moscow and demand from the “ally” compliance with its national interests, which were completely incompatible with Washington’s plans.
This ultimately led to a rupture, and today the American expert Paul Pillar warns his country against sudden movements and warns about a possible direct clash between Turkish and American troops if the White House continues to support the Kurdish military formations actively. And this, in his opinion, for America is not allowed in any way.
Problems of Israel
Another big problem for the United States is Israel. Rather, its irreconcilable position with regard to the strengthening of any Iranian influence in the region.
But official Tel Aviv, you can understand. Iran’s military doctrine presupposes the destruction of the state of Israel, and over the past decade, that is, during the implementation of the American plan for the reconstruction of the Middle East. Tehran has significantly increased and today already poses a real threat to the existence of Israel. Moreover, its armed forces are already literally several dozen kilometers from the Israeli border, and, apparently, are not going to leave from there.
The last incident with the destruction of the Israeli F-16 aircraft became a very unpleasant bang not only for Tel Aviv, but also for Washington. Today, the likelihood of hostilities between Israel on the one hand and Syria and Iran on the other grows literally over the months. And here it is not even so important, Moscow will stand up for its partners, or not. Tehran and Damascus today have sufficient joint combat potential, which, in case of hostilities, can put Israeli armed forces in a very unpleasant situation.
The fact is that in the crucible of the civil war, something that did not exist during the last century was born: a battle-worthy Arab army armed with the most modern weapons and trained in the tactics of conducting a modern war. And it is ready to die for her own interests.
The Iranian armed forces got a good training in this conflict and clearly improved their combat capabilities. The supply of modern air defense systems to Syria and Iran will largely neutralize Israeli air superiority, which will dramatically change the balance of forces in the region and can play a fatal role for the Israeli state.
After all, the return of the Golan Heights has never been removed from the political agenda for Damascus, and no international organization can object to anything if Damascus, with the help of Tehran, someday, in the foreseeable future, will want to return this “primordially Syrian territory”.
Yes, not today, but after the end of the Syrian civil war or a little later, all this can very much happen. The Israelis can thank the Americans for such a disposition, they have incited them into not exactly necessary Syrian “disassembly”. That is why Israel today can delay the moment of the end of the civil war in Syria, but, on the other hand, it thereby aggravates its post-war situation.
Today, Washington has two lines of behavior in Syria. Either to continue “hurting”, not paying attention to the observance of others’ interests and to face even greater problems in the near future. Or go on a compromise with Moscow, Tehran and Ankara, to join them in facilitating the rapid end of the war in Syria and trying to preserve that part of its influence that can still be maintained. The choice for a country accustomed to seeing himself as a hegemon is not the best. But it does not have the other way today.

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