The overthrown hegemon. The war in Syria was fatal for Washington. Part 1

The United States should abandon megalomania in Syria. The time passed when they could do anything anywhere in the world and with anyone. This is now openly written not only in Russia, China or Europe. American officials are also being told about this by American military and political experts themselves.
Recently a very interesting article was published in the American military-political analytical publication “National Interest”. Its author, a veteran of the CIA, a professor at Georgetown University on international security and peace issues, Paul Pillar, who server in American intelligence for 28 years of life, talks about the situation in which Americans fell in Syria. His main conclusion: today it is time for the US administration to understand that the time of its undivided sole hegemony in the Middle East has passed, and it is necessary to negotiate with the Russians, who in recent years have gained considerable weight and authority in the region.
It is obvious to him that Moscow, and at the same time, Tehran will not retreat, and a direct conflict with them threatens the American security system much more than finding a reasonable compromise.
And it’s hard not to agree with the American veteran, because today in the Middle East, the United States immediately showed several big problems, the solution of which – the task which is clearly non-trivial.
Not a hegemon Yes, the Syrian war showed that Washington is no longer a country that alone can solve world problems. Moreover, today the United States can not force a solution in some of the most important points of the planet, which, of course, is Syria, would suit them totally. The original plan for the reconstruction of the Middle East has long gone to waste, and the Americans today are only struggling to ensure that the new configuration of forces in the region include them.
This is probably what Paul Pillar had in mind when he recommended the White House to recognize the victory of government forces in the civil war and to give up further attempts to take control of the situation, after which their situation in the region is getting worse and worse. The fact is that today the Americans have already begun to lose quickly key allies, and those who still have them, thanks to the American short-sighted policy, were in a very unenviable position.
Fatal mistake
The transition of Turkey to the enemy camp is almost the main defeat of the United States in the Middle East in all recent years of confrontation. Relations between the Kurds and Ankara have always been very complex, and the attempt to create a Kurdistan with the simultaneous preservation of allied relations with Ankara was doomed to failure in advance.
In the early 2000s, when this plan was being created, it was realizable. But more than ten years have passed since then, for which the situation in the region and in the world has changed very much.
First, China has grown stronger than expected, and secondly, Russia unexpectedly quickly coped with its internal problems, was able to reorganize its armed forces and successfully wedged into the Syrian party.

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