Preparation of the provocation of the White Helmets is on the video

On February 12, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria reported on the possible preparation of provocations by militants in the province of Idlib.
According to information provided by Russia’s Defense Ministry, about 6 pick-ups with armed guards arrived in the province of Idlib, about 20 cylinders with an unknown substance were in the trunks of three cars. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the information about receiving several calls, as well as video recordings of the moment of unloading of these cylinders from the residents of the Sarakeb settlement, located in the east of the province.
The Ministry of Defense told us that the callers were very excited about what was happening. According to the received video, the unloading of these cylinders was carried out by people in special anti-chemical protective suits, and armed guards forbade citizens to look out of the windows. But even more strange are the reports about the rehearsals of the White Helmets of first aid in personal protective equipment supposedly “suffered from poisoning to local residents “, With the participation of film crews, presumably, Western media. One of the callers said that on the video camera one of them was a cover with “red letters CNN”.
The organization “White Helmets” is often accused of faking videos taken at the scene. A year ago, the Swedish Physicians for Human Rights officially accused the White Helmets of killing children for the sake of “realistic cadres”; many experts have already dubbed them as “PR department of the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda.” There are serious suspicions about the presence in the cylinders of toxic chlorine, the only poison gas that can be produced in “handicraft” conditions.
“All this indicates that the terrorists of the Jabhat al-Nusra grouping together with the “White Helmets” prepare another provocation in the province of Idlib with the use of poisonous substances for subsequent accusations of the Syrian authorities in using chemical weapons against local residents,” the military department concluded. The available video of the Defense Ministry promised to transmit it to the media.
It is noteworthy yesterday’s sudden statement of the French president, who stated that “France will be ready to strike the places of production and storage of chemical weapons in Syria in case of providing evidence of its use.” “If we see evidence of the use of chemical weapons prohibited by agreements, we will strike at the places where it is produced, where it comes from,” he concluded militantly.
Practically simultaneous “White Helmet trainings” and threats by the President of France, a member of NATO, perfectly fit into the concept of a coalition, led by the United States, who paint the president of Syria as the killer of “his own people.” And the video about using chlorine against the civilian population will just come at a time. It will be possible to convene again the UN Security Council, begin to shoot down Syrian aircraft or launch a full-scale aggression against Syria, thereby prolonging the conflict, and at the same time, their stay in the country.

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