Washington tries to save its “allies”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, called for an immediate ceasefire in Syria for a period of one month. According to the UN press service, Guterres made this statement after the escalation of the conflict between the Israeli Armed Forces and the Syrian Arab Army began on the Israeli-Syrian border.
It’s time to be surprised. Why the UN Secretary-General suddenly began to worry about the peaceful population of Syria? No, I understand that this is his work. But before that, he and his predecessor, Ban Ki-moon, had not seen such concern. On the contrary, it was earlier on the UN line that everything was done to make a bloody civil war in Syria.
So what happened? The Syrian army inflicted decisive defeat on the insurgents in the province of Idlib and placed them before the threat of final defeat. At the same time, the Turkish armed forces are determined to crush the pro-American Kurdish enclave of Afrin, and have already laid eyes on the city of Manbij.
A little more and the last hope of the Americans to gain a foothold in Syria and not allow Moscow to reshape the Middle East at its discretion will fail and Washington will have to evacuate its “guys” from the region. And, a lot of them from the countries of the Middle East.
How can he not allow this, how to make sure that the efforts that the Americans have been making over the past decades are not wasted?
First let’s figure it out, what actually led the US to this situation, that they must be saved. The last time something similar happened in 2012, when the still strong Syrian government army was not allowed to finish the still fragile military units of the emerging “oppositionists”, that is, those whom we now call terrorists. It was the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who first took care of Syrian citizens and called upon Bashar Assad to withdraw.
And this was the fatal mistake.
A year later, tens thousands of militants were transferred to Syria and a real army was created from local bandits, who by the end of 2015 were preparing to deliver the latest and decisive blow to the government.
But on the very last day of September 2015, Russians entered Syria. It’s only been two years since the pro-American Syrian bandits again found themselves facing the threat of complete defeat and only a miracle or the UN Security Council can save them from it.
It is necessary to save allies
Yes, it is a miracle or the UN Security Council that can save those on whom Washington is making its main stake in the region. And this is not so much a gang of “an-nusra fighters” in Idlib and not other undersized units of the Syrian “opposition”, but the army of the so-called Union of Democratic Forces created for the last couple of years, which today has at least 50,000 trained fighters.
But even such an impressive force can not withstand the combined forces of the renewed Syrian army, and the Turkish armed forces.
As the October events in Iraq and the current escalation of the conflict in Africa showed, Ankara and Tehran are very serious about destroying the nascent Kurdistan, and the government forces of Syria and Iraq are ready to help them in this. Moreover, recent events show Moscow’s determination not to dwell on this issue, even if its military on the battlefield will have to face their most “bosom partners” Americans.
In this situation, Washington is forced to seek non-standard steps to save the few remaining allies in their region that can still be saved. And he is looking for them.
What can be countered to the concentrated and successful attacks of the enemy, which besides the overwhelming numerical and technical military advantage also has legitimacy?
Yes, the main problem of the United States in the Middle East today is not the strength and technical strength of the Assad Army and the Turkish Armed Forces, but the fact that all the American so-called allies in the region (“opposition”, SDF, Israel, Saudi Arabia) in Syria and Iraq operate contrary to the norms of international law.
Washington can not further openly support them. The war with ISIS is over and the Americans have no formal reason to interfere in future events. So, then it will be forced to let small steps, but retreat from the region. This we already saw earlier in Kirkuk, and today the same is observed in Afrin. Month after month the pro-American forces will retreat, losing the battle after the battle.
In this situation, the only option is to legitimize the presence of the US Army, and it can only be obtained through the UN Security Council. And the latter, in its turn, can act only if there is a sharp escalation of the situation. So, it must be created.
Actually, we got the following situation today. Washington and its allies, through a series of provocations, achieved insignificant, but in the opinion of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, a very dangerous escalation of confrontation in the region of the Syrian-Israeli border, which calls for urgent intervention by the United Nations.
It is strange to hear and read all this, bearing in mind the repeated provocations by Israel and the rocket attacks conducted by the Israeli Air Force throughout the entire Syrian war. There were also downed Israeli planes. It’s very strange that in September 2015, all this seemed like a UN trifle, and today suddenly demanded urgent intervention and a declaration of a truce. Although it’s strange why, two and a half years ago they beat not the “Americans”, but their opponent – Bashar Assad.

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