Jordan handed to Jebhat an-Nusra the MANPADS

Quite unexpectedly, dozens of MANPADS «Igla» appeared in the hands of armed terrorist groups in the south of Syria. It is alleged that these missiles, which were not in Syria during the last few years, got there through Jordan, which colluded with the US forces of occupation and sent missiles to Syria. The Kingdom continues to remain a checkpoint for US forces, militants and weapons. It is also possible that the weapons could reach militants through the territory of the Zionist occupation center, the historical enemy of the Arabs and Syria, and maybe both of these players participated in it. The «Igla» missiles were transferred to an organization that receives support from both Jordan and Israel and calls itself “Ansar al-Islam”, with a purpose – to protect the captured “Djebhat an Nusra” areas in Quneitra and the Zionist focus.
As for the country of origin of these missiles, it is possible that Jordan bought them from Azerbaijan or Bosnia. There is no doubt that there are many other ways to obtain these missiles. As the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov stated, the fact that portable anti-aircraft missile systems are in the hands of terrorists poses a serious threat to all states.
The number of Russian military bases abroad can be counted on the fingers of one hand, while the United States has hundreds of them all over the world. And the proliferation of such missiles will pose a threat to the United States tens times greater than for Russia, especially given that it is America that fuels war and actively relies on its aviation for attacks. Then why do Americans play these games, if they do not change anything in Syria and are extremely dangerous for themselves? Definitely, the decisive word in the matter of supplying with anti-aircraft missiles to terrorist groups remains for the United States, but the irony is that they use too old and ineffective Soviet weapons that can not be compared with the latest Russian developments. They realize that Russia can respond to US actions as it did when the Zionist occupation forces went too far in their raids and Moscow reinstated the Syrian air defense system. Then Israel began to develop its own missile system, as it realized that its air force could suffer losses in future wars.
The fact that dozens of «Igla» missiles appeared exclusively in the south of the country where there is currently no fighting, and not in Idlib, confirms that the purpose of transmitting these missiles is not to protect the militants, but to protect Zionist focus by creating a buffer zone and desperate attempts to prevent the advance of the Syrian forces towards Cuneitra towards the end of winter. This became apparent after the fighting in Beit Jin, when Zionist aviation and missiles were neutralized, and Israel realized that it would not be able to intervene and protect its mercenaries. This development took place against the background of the normalization of relations between the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and Israel and the talk of the so-called “century deal”, but the following issue remains open: will the Israeli mercenaries be able to do what the Zionist state could not do? Answering this question, it must be taken into account that the next war, as Israel itself admitted, is primarily a missile war.
Americans, Turks and Zionists see the mercenaries in Idlib as mercenaries, but do not defend them, taking advantage of them, the main one being the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Now that the «Igla» missiles were announced in Quneitra, the missiles will not be used again in Idlib, as they were provided to terrorists in exchange for silence. All this is evidenced by the events that occurred after the crash of the Russian aircraft.

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