Victory over ISIS and God’s grace

For those who enjoy joking on Ministry of Defense and statements about the victory over ISIS.
In connection with the famous Kremlin agent:
President of the United States Donald Trump began a working day on February 8 with a speech at the Washington Hilton Hotel at a prayer breakfast, an annual event in which hundreds of guests from all over the world took part in Washington. The broadcast was conducted on CNN.
Breakfast began with the speech of congressmen from the Democratic and Republican parties. Several prayers were said. President Trump began with gratitude to the organizers of the event and members of the US government, who thanked them for “outstanding work”. He also greeted his longtime friend, the television producer of the reality show “Candidate” Mark Burnett.
The main part of the speech the US president devoted to the discussion of the American people unity, “who are united thanks to God’s grace and God in the heart of every citizen.” Trump did not bypass the threats that the US and other countries of the world are facing. ISIS kills Christians, Jews, Muslims and representatives of religious minorities, Trump said, after which he reported that the international coalition against ISIS liberated almost 100% of the territory that “the killers controlled in Iraq and Syria.”
“A lot of work remains, but we will not stop until we finish it,” he assured the guests of the breakfast that the fight against terrorists would continue. It was not the first time when Trump was talking about the US victory over the ISIS. Russian politicians criticized such statements of the American leader, paying attention to the decisive contribution of the Russian military in the defeat of ISIS.
“We know that millions of people in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea suffer from repressive regimes. The US supports all those who suffer, “Trump said.
Trump’s speech and other honorable speakers in the audience were listened to by the President of Guatemala Jimmia Morales, Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramos Haradinaj, Latvian President Raymond Vejonis, Rwanda’s first lady Jeannette Kagame.
Everything is fine in this pray.
As it is not difficult to see, the US and Russia have no discrepancies over the fact of the victory over ISIS and it is really difficult to argue with this – the state of militants was destroyed and they lost all major cities. There is no particular dispute that the fight against ISIS as a group will continue. The dispute is about how much territory was liberated – in Russia it was claimed that 98%, and the US “almost 100%”. Also there is a serious discrepancy about who defeated. Moscow believes that the main contribution was made by Russia, in Washington, that the United States. Fans of ISIS in the comments shout that it will still show all and rejoice at the rare raids of their bearded favorites.
PS. Regarding 98 and 100%, it is worth noting that some units of ISIS still hold territory in the east of the province of Deir ez Zor, where they continue to attack the Kurds and Syrians, causing them certain losses. The ISIS enclaves in Yarmuk (south-east of Damascus) and in the south of the province of Deraa continue to live their lives. They will most likely be engaged after the completion of the operation in Idlib.
Well, in Hama, we will say goodbye to ISIS in the coming days.
The Dahur cauldron is rapidly collapsing.
The survivors are likely to spit the remains of heavy weapons and will infiltrate into mountain areas, from where they will conduct their attacks from the terrorist bandit underground.

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