CSTO: About 7 thousand fighters moved to Afghanistan from Syria

Deputy Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Valery Semerikov said that thousands of militants move from Syria towards Afghanistan. According to Semerikov, about 7 thousand militants recently transferred to the Afghan territory from the SAR.
Such a figure, as the representative of the CSTO leadership noted, cause concern.
It is noted that the bulk of the terrorists who moved from Syria to Afghanistan are of Central Asian origin. There are also reports that several hundred militants are from the regions of Russia, as well as from the republics of Central Asia.
In Afghanistan, terrorists from Uygur gangs, previously linked to the territory of the north-western provinces of the People’s Republic of China, were also spotted. This is already the data of the Chinese media.
Against this background, Afghanistan reports that the US continues to use heavy bombers in the border areas of Tajikistan and the China. In addition, it was noted that preparations are underway for a power operation, in which Italian troops from the contingent of NATO will be involved. We are talking about 50 Italian officers who recently arrived in Farah province and started training the Afghan army. It is noted that in the western province of Farah recently, the number of terrorist attacks on military facilities, including the posts and headquarters of Afghanistan’s Armed Forces, has sharply increased.

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