US equips “Tomahawks” to strike on Syria

The successful actions of the Syrian army and Russian aviation in Idlib cause dissatisfaction with the US and its allies, including Turkey. Damascus was once again accused of using chemical weapons, without giving any weighty evidence. And, according to Western media, on this basis, the Pentagon is preparing strikes against Syrian targets, as it was in April last year, when 59 cruise missiles Tomahawk were fired at Al-Shayrat airbase. Then Washington claimed that it was from this air base that a chemical attack was carried out on the city of Khan-Sheikhun in the province of Idlib.
The Associated Press, referring to sources in the White House, reported that “the administration of the US President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of military action against the government of Syria to prevent the use of chemical weapons (CW).” This information was confirmed by Russian military-diplomatic sources. At the same time, it was noted that “while contemplating aggressive actions against the regime of Bashar Assad, the Americans foresee retaliatory steps.” And this is connected with the fact that, according to Arab social networks, a battery of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system was delivered from the territory of Jordan to the US military base in At-Tanf (this is the south of the Syrian province of Homs).
Thus, the tension in Syria is once again increasing. And, of course, this also affects the Russian military group in this country. It is clear that the Americans in the first place can inflict rocket and air strikes on Syrian military airfields, storage bases and warehouses. It is possible that Russian military advisers, specialists, as well as Russian military equipment and weapons designed to fight terrorists may be at these facilities.
But Washington is unlikely to stop this. Condemning yesterday the Russian Federation’s unwillingness to approve the draft UN Security Council statement on the use of chlorine in Syria, the US State Department concluded that Russia “helps the Syrian regime to evade responsibility” and thus bears joint responsibility for the use of CW in Syria.
In Washington, they say that over the past 30 days, the regime of Bashar Assad has already committed six hits. The last of them, which took the lives of seven civilians, was allegedly carried out recently in the province of Idlib in the Sarakiba area. As it is known, in this region the pro-Turkish formations that joined the terrorists are deployed, which on February 3 this year shot down the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft. The Americans call them the rebels, and the Turkish state agency Anadolu – even representatives of the country’s interim government.
The agency, referring to the defense minister of the so-called interim government of Syria, Firas Jundi, was one of the first to report this latest “Damascus attack using CW.” Turkish journalists were immediately “questioned” by local residents who saw allegedly helicopters that dropped “barreled bombs with chloride gas in Serakib”. This was “confirmed” by Anadolu and the employee of the organization “Syrian Civil Defense” (“White Helmets”) Mohammed Haj Yusuf. Meanwhile, neither in social networks, nor in any media, there are video facts confirming that it was the Syrian helicopters who made the Chemical attacks in Serakib. Although, if you remember, “local residents”, when the Russian Su-25 was shot down from the MANPADS, in great detail, almost all the moments of the tragedy related to the destruction of the aircraft and the Russian officer were filmed.
Russia and Damascus consider the Serakiba area to be occupied by terrorist fighters from Jebhat an Nusr. And the media close to Ankara and, apparently, the Turkish leadership itself is the place where the moderate opposition and the “provisional government” of Syria supporting it are concentrated.
A number of Arab and Kurdish social networks reported that the recent Chemical attack in Serakib, as in its time in April 2017 in Khan Sheikhun, was organized by the rebels of “Jebhat an Nusra.” Allegedly, they had previously taken poisonous substances from Idlib and Harim (it’s near Serakib) from the remaining chemical weapons stores in Khan Sheikhun. Sources refer to reports on a vehicle equipped with chlorine tanks, which was located in the Serakiba area. And it is on this area could be inflicted the air attack of Syrian helicopters. But hardly the Syrian pilots knew that there was chemical weapons there. The Ministry of Defense of Syria more than once formally reported about such scenarios, apparently fearing that when bombing Syrian aviation objects, the shells will get into the tanks prepared by the militants with chemical weapons.
But this is unlikely to somehow convince the United States, Turkey and other countries hostile to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad of the fact that Damascus does not produce CW. The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, on Monday, as is known, once again demanded that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) “conduct an investigation at the scene before the UN Security Council calls the perpetrators of chemical attacks.” But no action has been taken in this direction so far. For the past two years, the OPCW has not been able to conduct any independent investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
But the US and the media of Turkey have already been called the culprit – this is Bashar Assad and his regime. “I am very much concerned about the fact that possible strikes against the Syrian objects of the US will be conducted without informing the Russian military leadership,” military expert Lieutenant-General Yuri Netkachev told. – This is fraught with even greater deterioration of Russian-American relations. If at the same time our servicemen die, then in fact these relations can become confrontational. Both through diplomatic channels and other channels the Americans need to talk about this. It is not possible to turn the US into a massacre against the official Syrian government, as it was in the former Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and other countries, “the expert said.

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