How Erdogan pushes American special forces in the Syrian desert

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded that the US leave the Syrian city of Manbij in the province of Aleppo. He said that Ankara plans to return it to the “true owners” – the Arabs, who were greatly pressed by the Kurdish units which received the support of Washington.
In his statement, the Turkish leader added that, in his opinion, Washington’s recent actions in the region are directed against the union of Turkey, Iran and Russia, thanks to the well-coordinated work of which it became possible to defeat ISIS: “If the US says that they send 5000 trucks and 2,000 aircraft with weapons to fight against ISIS, we do not believe this. This means that you have intentions against Turkey, Iran and, perhaps, Russia. ”
In January of this year, Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, spoke about Ankara’s intentions to extend Operation Olive Branch from Afrin to Manbij, another major center to the east. In his recent speech, Erdogan also recalled that the US “is constantly using tactics of distraction.” Thus, the Turkish leader complained that the American side promised that after the fight with the militants of ISIS the city of Manbij would be freed from the Kurdish formations that they had placed there, but they did not keep promises. Finding a well-armed group of Kurdish troops on the southern borders of Turkey causes Ankara’s fears: the United States will definitely take revenge on Erdogan for his decision to join the alliance with Moscow and Tehran. Therefore, the operation “Olive Branch” did not cause any special protests from Russia and Iran, so Washington reacted very nervously.
It is important to understand that in Manbije there are about two thousand US special forces and military specialists. With a few trucks and helicopters, you can not simply take them out. It is possible that they will be sent eastwards: to Rakka or Hasaka, which means that Turks will also go there, clearing these territories from Kurdish formations. Ankara launched a military operation called the Olive Branch in Syrian Afrin against Kurdish forces in late January in response to statements of the White House and the State Department about the training of the 30,000-strong security forces in Syria, which were to be formed primarily from the Kurds. Ankara then called this plan the creation of a “terrorist army”. At the time of the operation, Afrin was under the control of Kurdish units, which Ankara regards as terrorist groups.
The tone that Erdogan recently uses against the United States speaks of Ankara’s determination to finally abandon the Euro-Atlantic vector. At the same time, at some point, patience can be over in Washington. The junior partner in NATO pushes American units across the region and dare to put ultimatums. Could this be imagined during the Iraq war? Hardly. The dragon is not the same, that’s for sure. Once a nuclear-free Turkey can behave in such a way, what can we say about countries which are bigger?

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