What awaits the Syrians after the Sochi Congress

On January 30 2018, in Sochi, the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue surpassed in scale all previous efforts to bring together delegates from different groups of the Syrian population – from sheikhs and tribal elders to religious and trade union leaders.
Despite considerable disagreements, the congress participants were able to agree on the future of their country. The outcome of the forum was the joint “Concluding Statement of the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue”, which reflects the following provisions: Syria “must be a democratic and non-fractional state based on the principles of political pluralism and equal citizenship, regardless of religious, ethnic and gender identity, full respect and protection the rule of law, the separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary, the full equality of all citizens, the cultural diversity of Syrian society, the provision of including freedom of religion, with transparent, inclusive, responsible management, including before national legislation, with the necessary effective measures to combat crime, corruption and official abuse. ”
The most important decision of the forum can be considered a decision on the formation of the Constitutional Commission, which should include representatives of the government and opposition participating in the inter-Syrian negotiations, experts on Syria, representatives of civil society, independent representatives, tribal leaders, women. Speaking of women. Unprecedented for the Arab country can be considered the statement that in future Syrian power structures should be made up from at least 30% of women, and in the future at all achieve full parity with men.
The participants of the Congress emphasized that the work of the forum does not replace the existing mechanisms of the UN, that the final decision on the mandate, order of work, powers, rules of procedure, criteria for selection of members of the Constitutional Commission will be adopted in the framework of the Geneva process under the auspices of the United Nations.
And what about the West? It would seem that the US and its allies, by the way, ignored participation in this event, can only welcome the progress made in the solution of the Syrian problem, because all those democratic norms for which all Western society so strongly advocates are reflected in the work of the Sochi congress. Consequently, Russia’s enormous efforts in this direction have not been in vain and are really capable of real uniting a disjointed Syrian society and appeasing the West.
No matter how it is! In the West, the work of the forum was judged negatively, to put it mildly. After all, the initiative came from Russia. And if so, then by definition it can not be good. Incidentally, for the same reason, such an important event was covered very modestly by the Western media.
All this was predictable, was not it?
Of course, there is no need to be a genius in the forehead to understand that the way of the Syrian people to peaceful life will not be easy – there are too many external forces wishing to provoke an aggravation of an already difficult situation. Nevertheless, the Sochi congress managed to collect under one roof, face to face representatives of different tribes and confessions, lay down the weapons of militants and soldiers of the Syrian army, which could not be achieved in two years of the Geneva talks. So, the Syrian people have a future. And this future must be peaceful.

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