“External support”: who can supply Syrian militants with prohibited weapons. Part 2

Pentagon denies
In 2016, Barack Obama signed a law on the financing and policy of the Pentagon on the supply of MANPADS to Syrian armed opposition. The military department received the right to supply such weapons to the SAR, but for this purpose the military should report to the Congress on the specific name and location of the recipients of MANPADS.
Prior to this, the issue of supplying of anti-aircraft systems to the territory of the republic was not regulated by American legislation. It should be recalled that in 2005, Russia and the United States at the summit in Bratislava agreed to strengthen control over the trafficking of MANPADS. The parties agreed to warn each other about the sale of such systems to third countries.
Moscow and Washington also came to the conclusion that the MANPADS should not come into the hands of terrorists.
Recall that in the 1980s against the Soviet military aircraft in Afghanistan, the Mujahideen used American MANPADS Stinger. However, during the American campaign that started in Afghanistan in 2001, the FIM-92 Stinger missiles, which remained in the country, began to be used against NATO aviation.
After the incident with the Russian plane in Idlib, the US hastened to declare its complete non-involvement in the incident.
According to the Pentagon spokesman, Major Adrian Rankin-Galloway, the US military did not transfer air defense systems to Syrian armed formations, and the activity of the US Armed Forces is aimed only at fighting the “Islamic state” and is conducted only in the eastern regions of the SAR.
“We do not supply the Syrian opposition with MANPADS. Our position on MANPADS has not changed, we are very seriously concerned about getting such weapons to Syria, “he said.
There are indeed reasons for concern for the Americans: the US Air Force is using the A-10 Thunderbolt II assault plane in Syria. Like the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, the American is working at low altitudes, which makes it a vulnerable target for MANPADS. In 2016, the “Islamic state” even spread the information about the American attack aircraft shot down in Syria. However, this message was later refuted by the Pentagon.
“The missile of portable anti-aircraft complexes moves on the thermal trail of the aircraft, the infrared head of homing is used, and the systems “friend-or-foe” in this case are notused”.
“If there is a threat of MANPADS, US ground-attack planes either do not fly at all, or fly at a higher altitude,” the expert said.
However, how quickly the Americans hastened to declare their non-involvement in the MANPADS that shot down the Russian aircraft, raises suspicions.
The Americans are now working on improving the Stingers so that its missiles can bypass the heat traps of the aircraft.-
There is a suspicion that the new type of MANPADS was used to shot down Su-25 which ignored the defense system of the plane. By the way, the terrorists preferred not to show the moment of the attack of the stormtrooper on the video. If the investigation reveals that the cassettes with heat traps Su-25 are empty, this will mean that new missiles were used against it.

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