Idlib turns into Syrian Auschwitz: slavery, abductions, executions and torture

There are disturbing news from the medieval capital of olives – from the glorious Syrian Idlib.
Devils from “an-Nusra”, pissed off with massive losses in clashes with government troops, staged a real genocide of civilians in the settlements they controlled.
So, in Seracaba they made the next concentration camp. In this terrible place terrorists ring people like cattle, despite age and sex. Residents of the province of Idlib are used by the fighters from the “An-Nusra” as a free labor for the construction of fortifications, digging of tunnels, and also as movers in the production of mortar shells and all sorts of self-made installations. Prisoners are placed in cesspools meter per meter …
Now Idlib is in a real information blockade. Since the end of September, locals have not actually posted a single photo of this city!
But the human rights community “Jabhat alnusra Volations” continues to publish terrible photos of militants from Idlib and its environs.
So, the Syrian city of Idlib has long been occupied by the terrorist organization “Jabhat al-Nusra”. Previously, militants never concealed their numerous crimes: executions, torture, mockery of ordinary people, they all put it on their pages in social networks without hesitation.

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