Victory again and Idlib will soon be behind

The Russian Air Force and the Syrian Arab Army have almost completely destroyed the terrorists of the “Islamic State” group in Syria. Russian aviation continues to inflict point missile and bomb strikes against targets in separate provinces, where militants are still present.
The loudest and most successful of the operations of the outgoing month is the strike of the Russian Air Force in the Syrian province of Idlib by the command of the alliance “Hayat Tahrir ash Sham” (the former “Djebhat an Nusra”), which resulted in the killing of five influential terrorists. As a result, the chief of the southern sector of the Idlib province the financial ambassador, the adviser to the military minister, the assistant to the spiritual leader Abladady al-Mukheisni, the sharia judge, as well as another 32 militants were destroyed.
On January 10, soldiers of the Syrian army and units of the people’s volunteer corps liberated Abu Duhur military airbase 50 kilometers from the city of Idlib. The troops lost control of this strategic air base near Turkey in September 2015. Three years ago, the airfield served as the last stronghold of the Syrian army in this north-western region. Its siege by ISIS formations lasted six months.
January 29, 2018 Syrian government troops took the strategic important city of Abu Duhur, located in the east of the province of Idlib. In the assault, Syrian army special “Tiger” forces participated. The assault units of the Tigers, with the support of Russian aviation, broke through the defenses of the militants west of the city, occupying the height of Tal Abu Izto and the village of Mazraat Abu Izto. Then, on this site, the strike unit were concentrated, which issued opposition units from the western regions of Abu Dukhur that they held.
Now when the terrorists are almost completely destroyed in Syria, the questions of the return of the liberated regions to peaceful life come to the forefront. Successfully completing tasks. Quite unexpected for many observers was the ability of the Russian Armed Forces to organize political and information support for the operation. The reconciliation centers are unique structures that ensure contacts with both Syrian military and civilian authorities, including rather delicate spheres. Practice shows that the Russian Armed Forces have a sufficient number of specialists with knowledge of the Arabic language (Syrian dialect) and specific skills that allow them to negotiate with the leaders of certain armed opposition groups when establishing a ceasefire.

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