De Mistura acknowledged the congress achievements of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi

The UN Special Representative Staffan de Mistura explained why the Syrian Constitutional Commission was agreed in Sochi, and not in Geneva.
Answering the question why it was not possible to form a constitutional commission for nine rounds of the “Geneva”, and for one meeting in Sochi, de Mistura said that in Geneva “there was never a situation in which the government and the opposition were involved in the discussion of the new constitution, because they never agreed to the possibility of creating a constitutional commission, which could then be placed on the agenda of the UN. ”
In addition, in his opinion, the pressure of the countries that have influence on the parties to the conflict influenced.
The special representative of the Russian president for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, said that one of the main outcomes of the congress can be considered assistance to de Misture in launching the constitutional reform. As the Russian president’s special envoy noted, “before that, all efforts in this direction were fruitless.” Another important result is that “various representatives, the opposition, first met and were able to talk normally to each other.”
Lavrentiev noted that de Mistura independently determines the composition and format of the commission. According to the Russian special envoy, de Mistura assured that he would use the help of the congress in the light of the work of the commission.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the “constitutional commission will include at least representatives of the government and opposition participating in the inter-Syrian negotiations, experts on Syria, representatives of civil society, independent representatives, tribal leaders and women.” It is stated that ethnic and religious groups should be presented proportionally. Final decisions on the work of the commission will be taken within the framework of the Geneva process under the auspices of the United Nations.
Lavrentiev said he hopes to participate in the constitutional commission of representatives of the so-called Istanbul opposition platform of Syria. Moscow expects that among them there are “sensible people who belong to the moderate part of the opposition, and do not take a radical position.”
“We think that you should not approach this issue on the principle that if you do not participate in the congress, then you do not have the right to be a party to the constitutional commission. In the future, we would like to give them a chance to participate in such events, “Lavrentiev said.
Congress in Sochi agreed 150 candidates for the commission on the constitution of Syria. Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to provide 50 names of candidates to the Syrian Constitutional Commission, but the UN Special Envoy for the SAR will select only 45-50 people.
In the statement of the Congress on the SAR there are no terms for approval of the constitutional commission.
Recall, at the congress of the Syrian national dialogue approved the statement of the principles of the country future organization.

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