Turkey redeploys troops to the south of the Aleppo province

On the night of January 29, 2018, a large column of Turkish military equipment proceeded from the border area of Kafr Lusin to the south of the province of Aleppo – to the district of Kafr Halab, near Al-Yis, located directly on the front line between Islamist and Syrian government troops.
The convoy included dozens of armored vehicles and trucks with personnel and ammunition. Most observers are inclined to believe that Turkey unambiguously hints that the further advance of the Syrian army to the west (to the Shiite enclave of Kafr Aya and Foix) may encounter resistance from the Turkish army.
According to local sources, the Turkish column came under fire from Syrian artillery between Kafr Halab and Kusabia, and then turned back. The Islamists claimed that the Turkish self-propelled guns attacked the positions of the Syrian government troops.

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