The failure of the US strategy in Syria

The successful advance of the Syrian government army with the support of the Russian Military in the province of Idlib and the operation of the Turkish army in Afrin are increasingly undermining the credibility of the US, which is already rapidly losing its positions in Syria.
Two weeks ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to explain the need for an American presence in Syria. Among the main reasons he called the fight against the terrorist threat, Iranian expansion and “aggressive” policy of Bashar Assad. However, having formulated its own interests in Syria, the Trump administration obviously did not connect them with the real plan. In fact, over the past year, the US has not even attempted to implement any of its Syrian policy points. Washington simply turned out to be responsible for everything that is happening in Syria, rapidly losing respect in the face of Turkey, Iran and Russia.
Nobody even paid attention to the US’s angry statements about the inadmissibility of inflicting blows on the areas where the so-called “moderate opposition” is allegedly located. The Syrian army launched a large-scale operation in the province of Idlib and today, with the support of Russian military has broken the resistance of terrorists in the strategically important city of Abu Duhur. It’s clear that there was no “moderate opposition” in sight. Abu Duhur has long been considered an impregnable fortress of Al-Qaeda …
Having agreed to the destruction of the Afrinian Kurds by the Turks, Trump fell completely in the eyes of the Arab world. Betrayal of the Allies does not suit anyone, but in the Middle East such tricks are completely unacceptable. Events in Afrin have already shown that Turkey has ceased to reckon with the United States. It came to the point that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called on the Americans to immediately withdraw from Manbijah, where American troops are located. Erdogan even hinted at all: “If you do not want to get wet, do not stand under the doge.” And now, on the sidelines of the political backstage, US officials are fighting to prevent the Turks from attacking Manbij. Is it the behavior of the world hegemon?
Today in Syria, Americans play the role of an uninvited guest, who is not taken seriously, and in every possible way they want to get out of the door. A guest who does not influence anything and can not influence. For example, in the issue of exerting pressure on Assad, Washington completely depends on Russia. Time after time, the Trump peace process, advertised by Trump, under the auspices of the United Nations, crashes. to The efforts to confront Iran in Syria leads to nothing. And the events in Afrin may ultimately induce the Kurds to conclude deals with Assad and Russia.
The last hope of the Americans in Syria is the resumption of support for the so-called moderate opposition in areas not yet controlled by the Syrian government. However, this temporary measure is unlikely to strengthen Washington’s position.
It turns out that the statements of the Trump administration about long-term interests in Syria are not worth a penny. After all, comparing the words with the action for Washington is clearly an impossible task.

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